Argentina U20 rumored starting XI for Round of 16 at U20 World Cup


Argentina U20 national team coach Javier Mascherano has a few doubts regarding his starting eleven vs. Nigeria in the Round of 16 match at the U20 World Cup.

Javier Mascherano and the Argentina U20 national team topped their group with three wins out of three matches and will not play Nigeria on Wednesday. Several starters and substitutes have stolen the headlines in the three matches for Argentina and according to TyC Sports, Javier Mascherano has a few doubts in regards to the starting eleven.

Federico Gomes Gerth will be the goalkeeper and Agustín Giay is expected back in the eleven in place of Román Vega. The first doubt is between Lautaro Di Lollo and Tomás Avilés while Valentín Gómez and Valentín Barco would complete the back line.

Mateo Tanlongo and Valentín Carboni are set to start with the other place in midfield being between Máximo Perrone and Federico Redondo. Up front, Matìas Soulé or Luka Romero will start with Brian Aguirre and Alejo Véliz. Here is the rumored eleven for the match:

Federico Gomes Gerth; Agustín Giay, Tomás Avilés or Lautaro Di Lollo, Valentín Gómez, Valentín Barco; Mateo Tanlongo, Máximo Perrone or Federico Redondo, Valentín Carboni; Matìas Soulé or Luka Romero, Brian Aguirre and Alejo Véliz.


  1. 4-3-3 – Gerth; Giay, Gomez, Vega, Barco; Tanlongo, Redondo, Carboni; Aguirre, Veliz, Soule/Romero.

    I think Vega as a LCB would be a better pick, Di Lollo is a disaster waiting to happen against a stronger opponent. Both Giay and Barco have to up their defending game. Double pivot of different types of DMs would not hurt, protect the back four and they each offer something different, Redondo can help in build up while Tanlongo can concentrate on interceptions. I am between Soule and Romero for the LWF position because I feel like Romero has been surprisingly more of an impactful player than Soule so far even though his natural position is through the middle. However, Soule is probably better suited for a physical battle that is inevitable vs Nigeria.

  2. Today line up would be interesting. Which two will play among soule – carboni – romero? Seems like both carboni and romero positions overlapp each other and both are in form too.

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