Lionel Messi’s reported Inter Miami contract details


Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami contract details are starting to surface.

Messi is very likely to be joining Inter Miami, with an announcement expected as early as the next few hours. And according to Gastón Edul, it could be on a contract that can go as long as three years.

Per the tweet, it will be a year by year contract, guaranteed until June 2024 that can go up to three years. He would have the option to leave every year. In short, it would be one year guaranteed, plus an optional second year, plus an optional third year.


  1. I live in South Florida and an Inter Miami Supporter. Especially when Higuain was here I went to the stadium to watch him regularly.
    The truth is that I did not want Messi here so early. Atleast after 2 more seasons in Europe. But Miami is a great place to Live. Especially for ppl who speaks spanish. He did it for his family. USA is one of the best place to live and study for his children and especially the Spanish speaking City. I am sure Antonella has a hand in this.

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