Lionel Messi reportedly decides Inter Miami


Lionel Messi has reportedly decided to join Inter Miami.

Messi has made his decision, according to Guillem Balague. The Argentine World Cup winner will be playing in the MLS and has decided to join Inter Miami.

The 35 year old has not released a statement just yet in regards to his future but as we reported, Apple and Adidas are reportedly also involved in trying to get Messi to MLS.


  1. well i don t trust media till this is officially over.
    Just what i understand from this IF it will become reality is that Messi saying without speak that “it was till here unfortunately. mother nature allowed me till this point. it is over”.

    so world cup of 2026 is way too far for Messi. well i am SAD but i can t ask anything more from him. There is nothing exept gratitute and THANK YOU for all those years. All those memories. i am PROUD for him and i feel BLESSED that i lived the era of Messi.
    i am so grateful for all those things he give to us all those years and the emotions we lived because of him.
    As i said in past when i will get old one day and i will be close to the end of my life i will always remember and feel BLESSED that i was allowed to live DIEGO era (even in his last years of career) and LEO era. there is nothing more to ask.

  2. From now on I am only believing Forbes. They reported this deal with apple and adidas and Miami last week on Friday… And I took it as another ripe rumor. If this is true then they actually do have the insider info even in the soccer world.
    I wanted Messi to stay in Europe also, but I don’t see him declining in MLS. As long as they don’t injure him, it may be a blessing in disguise as he will be more rested when it comes to international play.
    Also for those who say Messi and di maria should go, they need to understand that these two players specifically are so great because of their minds. They are geniuses, especially Messi …geniuses on where and when they are supposed to be. Yes their legs will go with age, but I wouldn’t refuse a 40 year old Messi to come off the bench and help orchestrate a goal.

  3. We all knew this day will come and as much as we all want him to play in Europe at least for another year, this seems to be his decision for not him but his family as well.
    Messi made all our dreams come true just few months ago, he won everything winnable for ARGENTINA.
    NOTHING lasts forever, this is life plain and simple.
    He’ll play in next year’s COPA, IF he plays and he really doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

  4. I live a few miles from where the Red Bull play in New Jersey. Tickets that are normally $38 are selling for $10,000 for the Red Bull Miami game in August!

  5. Seriously We have to think abt the next WC without Messi.

    Age + MLS is a super bad combination. Yes he will get worse naturally but moving to MLS will speed up that worsening process.

    Copa is just a year from now. Messi surely will be there but seriously, as much as it hurts to say this but I really hope Di Maria AND Messi both will retire after the Copa.

    Give Scaloni a full 2 years to prepare a team that can defend the title. Being 39 while playing in MLS? I doubt it gives positive impact to the team don’t care what Messi’s role gonna be: Deep lying playmaker, super sub, false 9 or whatever. I love Messi n Di Maria man, but no one can fight against human nature. I love Argentina more.

  6. Because I’m from the US, this is exciting to me. To have the chance to see Messi live? Amazing!
    But it also makes me sad because I think he could play for many great teams in Europe.

    But having a family of my own, I get why he wants happiness and stability for his children and wife. At the end of the day they matter way more to Messi than playing for Man City for a couple of years. (Who wants to live in Manchester, anyway? My brother lived there and he said it was the most depressing place on earth.)

    • Obviously Barcelona would be a great place to live and a great team to play for. But I understand if Messi only picks between Barcelona where his family has lived before, or Miami, which would be their new home for many years (even after he retires)

  7. Wise decision. Won’t be surprised to see Alba. Busquets and Suarez join him in Florida. Guess Antonella said no to SA. Women rights issues…

    He will create goodwill for Argentina. Next Copa is in USA. Next WC also in USA (plus Canada and Mexico).

  8. Messi has property in Miami and supposedly likes it there. There is a sizable Argentine presence in North Miami Beach and AFA prepares to build Miami training facility as it targets major US expansion. Spanish is a widely spoken language in South Florida too so there is a huge potential there. If this happens MLS profile will rise big time.

  9. Shocking I wanted to see him in Europe atleast one more season if not too and why Miami over Saudi Arabia? This just doesn’t make sense i hope it’s not true

  10. Fu ck Barca. Probably dirtiest club of all time but hide behind catalan agenda. I hope they are in Europa next season too.

  11. This is now confirmed in various sources. Messi to Inter Miami completed. I am surprised and a little sad. May be have to go to Miami more now or take up a job there.

  12. yesssss sir… will watch him when he plays against impact Montreal or even the Toronto game.
    As soon as it is confirmed i am buing me tickets before they are all gone.

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