Alexis Mac Allister speaks on World Cup final chat, the match, winning the trophy


Alexis Mac Allister spoke about the chat prior to the World Cup final, the match itself and winning the trophy.

Mac Allister became an important figure in midfield for the Argentina national team. Scoring and assisting at the World Cup, the 24 year old started the World Cup final and had an assist on Ángel Di María’s goal.

And the Argentine spoke about the final. Speaking in an interview with Sofi Martinez Mateos, here is what he haed to say in regards to the chat prior to the final”

“The night before the final, I went to get a haircut, I had to look neat. Afterwards, I was able to rest and enjoy everything.

“Generally Leo (Messi) is the one who takes the floor, there was like an island in the middle of the dressing room. We all stood around and Leo started talking… Seeing him motivates you. Knowing that you are next to the best in history and going out on to the pitch with 10 people are like your family.

“Leo (Messi) would start talking a little bit. In the final, I think Dibu (Emiliano Martínez) started to cry a little bit, it was all very emotional. Very beautiful.

“I remember many members of the coaching staff crying. It was an emotional talk in which there was not much to say. We more or less knew how we had to play them because we had worked on it for several days.”

“It was a very emotional talk, sometimes we laughed because Leo Scaloni cries a lot. When he cries, poor guy, he can’t talk. He gets very emotional and made the others talk a bit. Mati Manna, Walter (Samuel), the whole coaching staff talked a bit and it was a nice moment as a group to live it.”

He also spoke about the day of the final itself:

“The day of the final, I saw myself there and I knew I was playing, it was very special. Not feeling nervous, I enjoyed it twice as much.

“There is not much to think about before going out on the pitch. I listened to Dibu shouting and visualized what could happen in the match.”

“I was very lucky. I didn’t feel nervous, that pressure. Ever since I was playing with the youth teams, I was getting nervous. But that month, I didn’t feel it. I really enjoyed the day to day with my team mates.”

“We really enjoyed the final. We felt very identified with the coach’s idea: To put the ball on the ground, whether in the World Cup final or a friendly match.”

The World Cup winner commented on his friendship with Nicolás González:

“Nico González was very unlucky. He is my friend, we played together at Argentinos Juniors and we shared a room. I lost that person who I relied on in the camp.

“He did everything to be there. I had to be with him crying, talking to his family. He really wanted to stay with us and every one said yes. When he came for the final, it was something very special for me.”


  1. His assist in the final was so underrated. In that type of extreme pressure situation, delivering a perfect pass can only be done by mentally strong players. Kloop no wonder went for him and gave him the no 10 shirt. His ability to hold onto ball under pressure and make perfect passes is the definition of an elite midfielder.

    • He was cool as a cucumber. It was shocking how crisp the entire team was in the first hald. His ability to keep the ball in tight situations is elite. I rate his passing as pretty good but not great. Enzo is more od the long passer.

  2. How the mighty have fallen, Brazil has officially appointed Ancelotti as their new Manager, AN ITALIAN but it doesn’t end there either. He won’t report to the job until 2024 RM season is over, in the meanwhile his son or somebody related to him will coach the team, including the WC qualifiers.

    • Things are becoming tough for Brazil. Atleast their fans can know how we felt 2018 pre world friendlies, when Argentina got humiliated by likes of Nigeria and Spain.

    • I knew Brazil wont be the same again after Tite. Great tactical coach with rock solid defending, now 4 goals against Senegal? Cmon. To be fair Tite was very unlucky in WC18 and in WC22 too.

      • They got what they deserve, blatantly CHEATING ARG in 2019 COPA, and in the last WC qualifier where they cancelled the game on purpose when it was clear days before who was gonna be on ARG’S squad and then FIFA kissing their asses instead of awarding ARGENTINA the points ASAP due to the obvious.
        …and then add insult to injury, ARG losing the hosting rights to 2021 COPA and Brazil was more than eager to host but wasn’t to be.

        Croatia beating them on PKs when they couldn’t do shit to score, and their imbecile coach taking 9 strikers, NM the idiotic dancing and celebration vs lesser teams in THE WORLD CUP….pitiful

        Brazil, Fuck ’em

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