Italy coach Roberto Mancini interested in Marcos Senesi


Italy coach Roberto Mancini is back interested in Marcos Senesi.

Roberto Mancini is reportedly looking to get Marcos Senesi to play with the Italian national team. According to Diario AS, Mancini is interested in Senesi as he looks to add new players to the team.

Mancini had previously included Senesi in a pre-call up in June 2022 but Senesi refused the call up as he was included in the Argentina national team for the Finalissima against Italy and a friendly against Estonia.

Marcos Senesi made his Argentina debut in the 5-0 win vs. Estonia last year and has only played one match with the Argentina national team. This comes after Mancini gave Argentine born Mateo Retegui his debut with the Italian team earlier this year.


  1. There was a time not so long ago when we desperately needed players to fill the aging gaps on defense, midfield and between the sticks….speaking of midfield, I forgot the guy’s name, we were all so excited ……he played in 3-4 games and didn’t do much and was never heard from since.
    I watched the Italians play recently and they were pitiful, slow and old, as a matter of fact all Europeans except England, France and somewhat Portugal are average and below.

  2. I expected Senesi to be called up for the friendlies but I think he lost out to Medina who can also play LB (as we have seen not too convincingly though). Balerdi got a chance over Perez probably because he is 4 cm taller than Perez who otherwise had a good season for Udinese (188 cm vs 184). Height seems to matter to Scaloni and co, that’s probably why Pezzella is still around (190 cm).

    One of Otamendi or Pezzella should probably make way for Senesi in September.

  3. What rubbish? He has already played for Argentina senior side and with Otamendi and Pezzella, we need a third CB and Senesi is a reliable defender.

    Messi will retire after Copa and after that our opponents will not sit back and defend and just counter attack. We will experience a lot of offensive approach from our opponents which means we can’t have slow aging defenders in the back. We are entering a new era of futbal after Messi and team cohesiveness and chemistry is even more important.

  4. The Italians are trying to sway Sensei by telling him that out back line is set with back up options and that he doesn’t have a place with Argentina. Anyways, I thought he was capped for Argentina already, but I’m known to be wrong about things in my life 😂.
    Coincidentally I watched the Finalisma match the other day, and I still feel that one of our greatest performances in the last 5 years was in that match. The highlights videos don’t show all of the great passing and movement and marking we displayed especially after the first 20 minutes elapse.

    • Yes, absolutly true as it truly was one greatest performances as style play was so fluid and the tempo with such accurate passing was just incredible to watch, never will forget that !

  5. Marcos sensi is a good defender. He ma turn out to be better under SCALONI. SCALONI should not let sensi go to play for Italy. Retegui could have been kept back since we don’t have good strikers except LAUTARO MARTINEZ and JULIAN ALVAREZ. Indonesia match is prime example of that. And all the Italian defenders are too old to play for the national team. They need a young and world class defender very badly. If Mancini makes him play for Italy then it would be another blow for Argentina. Otamendi is a world cup winner but he is an aged player. And pezzella is not national team material any more. Pezzella, Armani and pappu Gomez should not have played even a single match post world cup. CUTI ROMERO, LICHA MARTINEZ, FACUNDO MEDINA, NAHUEN PEREZ, and Marcos sensi are our defenders of next generation. Though FACUNDO MEDINA is being considered as left back for national team. Like retegui if sensi joins Italy and get a good serie a club then all the Argentine players who are being monitored by Mancini may be lured for European clubs. LUCAS BELTRAN, FRANCO CARBONI AND GIANLUCA PRESTIANNI ARE being targeted by Mancini.

  6. If mancini interested him again it maybe indication from senesi camp that he is willing to play for Italy this time around plus I don’t see scaloni calling him anytime soon since he is behind in picking order licha and medina as left footer cb add to that both otamendi and pezzella can comfortably play left side cb and they aren’t going anytime soon definitely they will be around copa 2024
    My personal opinion will be let it go both otamendi and pezzella to give chance the young promising defenders.

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