Juventus and Torino interested in Marcos Acuña of Sevilla


Juventus and Torino are interested in Marcos Acuña of Sevilla.

Marcos Acuña could be playing in Italy next season. According to Sportitalia, both clubs are looking to sign the Argentine. Juventus are reportedly looking to get Acuña if Alex Sandro leaves the club.

Acuña joined Sevilla in 2020 from Sporting CP and the 31 year old has won the UEFA Europa League with the club.


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  2. Unless he is being offered a huge salary he should stick to Sevilla. They are in Champions league and can challenge for top 4 in La-liga.

  3. I would not mind him going back to Sporting again for a couple of seasons and then eventually retiring at Racing. There is something wholesome about reversing the cycle, especially going back to where it all started and finishing your career there.

  4. In 20-21 season, Acuna was one hell of a leftback but his form slightly declined at the start of 21-22 and regained form just before the beginning of the WC. I think Juve can benefit from his services if they offer him a three-year contract.

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