Videos: Emiliano Martínez in India, talks Lionel Messi, makes penalty saves


Emiliano Martínez was in India earlier this week as he spoke about bringing Lionel Messi over and even makes two penalty saves!

Mundo Albiceleste received three videos of the Best goalkeeper in the world in India! We see videos of Martínez speaking to the crowd, with subtitles and another video of him making two saves off penalty kicks.

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  1. As a Bangladeshi-American, I want to Thank India for making proper use of Dibu’s visit to their country. Our Bangladesh authority could not make the best out of Dibu’s 1 day short visit. I am sure millions of Bangladeshi fans are heart broken. Dibu could not see the picture in Bangladesh. But I also Thank Dibu for his personal effort to visit Bangladesh.

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