Video: Fiery Lionel Messi against Netherlands at World Cup


A video has surfaced of a fiery Lionel Messi against the Netherlands from the World Cup.

Lionel Messi provided one of the, if not the assist of the 2022 World Cup against the Netherlands. And while emotions were extremely high from even before kick off due to the Netherlands players speaking about Lionel Messi and Argentina, the emotions spilled onto the pitch.

Messi found stole the show but a video of a fiery Messi has surfaced from that quarter final match. The first video is shows the never back down Messi with the second video being Messi’s match against the Netherlands.


  1. I wish maradona was alive just to see the knock out matches of this world cup. Especially Netherlands and France.
    Maradona mentioned multiple times that Messi “has no heart” and “wasn’t a leader”. Maradona wanted that spark to come out of Messi like it did vs Netherlands. Messi was Maradonean for sure that match. Diego somehow still showed up.

      • Your memory serves your properly. But the full on passion of Diego was in those last three matches of the world cup. Especially vs the dutch. Btw a few years ago I said “f the dutch” and got some hell on this blog 😂😂😂

  2. One reason Argentina never won anything after COPA 1993 was lack of a leader ! Yes in 2014 we had Masch (the unofficial captain) and he tried his best to instill the winning mentality but bad-luck and fatigue cost us the final. 2022, Messi was coming from a horrendous previous season at PSG. Haters were writing him off on every platform! Not only he proved he can switch gears at this age but also he demonstrated the highest form of leadership! The brotherhood and collaboration he established in the team was amazing!

  3. My all time greatest argentina 11. Formation

    Zanetti. W. Samuel. Pazarella. Sorin

    Mascherano. Redondo

    Messi. Maradona. Cannigia


    • I kind of agree to your squad, but would replace few with my own favorites. However I can’t ignore the irony. We won the world cup after 36 years and only 2 players from the 2022 world cup winning team make it to the greatest Argentina squad since Diego. We never lacked talent and stars but always lacked cohesion and chemistry and most importantly we got hurt by the ego and stardom of our players and some foolishness and coward attitude of our managers! This world cup we had the fewest number of star players ever since I started watching futbal but the brotherhood, chemistry and cohesion was the greatest!

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