Two years ago: Emiliano Martínez turns into Argentina hero at Copa America


Two years ago today, Emiliano Martínez turned into a hero for Argentina at the Copa America.

On July 6, 2021, it was Argentina against Colombia in Brasilia in the semi finals of the Copa America which was held in Brazil. With a place in the final at the Maracana, Lautaro Martínez gave Argentina an early 1-0 lead.

The second half saw Colombia draw level and while Argentina had an opportunity to score late in the match, it ended 1-1 and it went to penalty kicks.

Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez up to that moment, was having a very good Copa America. But he turned that very good Copa America into an excellent one where he became a national hero.

Three penalty kick saves and in Dibu fashion, Emiliano Martínez sent Argentina to the final. While Juan Cuadrado and Miguel Borja would score for Colombia but Davinson Sánchez, Yerry Mina and Edwin Cardona would all have their penalty kicks saved.

With Davinson Sánchez about to take his penalty, Dibu told him this:


He told this to Yerry Mina:

Martínez: “You are not going to celebrate in my face, are you?”

Mina: “No, no. Don’t worry.”

Martínez: “You look nervous, huh? You’re laughing but you’re nervous.”

Mina: “Yes”

Martínez: “You are nervous. You are nervous… Look, the ball is a little ahead (from the penalty spot). The ball is ahead!”

Mina: “No, it is on the white spot.”

Martínez: “Yes, play the fool. I know you. You like to be brag… Look, if you cross it, I’ll save it. I’ll eat you, bro. I’ll eat you, bro!”

And to Miguel Borja:



  1. Man united has given no 7 shirt to English player Mason Greenwood, even though Garnacho had made it clear he wants it! Ita going to be fun watching him trying to outplay the alleged rapist!

  2. Hi, everyone could you please explain why big European teams are still interested/buying Brazilian u19 players? though they haven’t won world cup in last two decade. I thought Argentine young star will got the interest in this transfer window.

  3. Esequiel Barco’s performances arouses interest in the coaching staff of the Argentina National Team for the potential call-up. Aimar went to see him against Colón. @estebanedul @xLeandro7 🚨

  4. Because of Dibu, FIFA is reviewing penalty ruls for keepers 😂😂😂😂😂. Talk about a game changer. This dude is legendary.
    Also, it looks like old Jesse Lingeard is going to Miami. In his day he was a great mid fielder for England that wasn’t effectively used. This Miami team may have too much for the like of MLS

  5. Dibu is the Ubaldo Fillol of this generation. I was too young to really appreciate Goycochea who was also great and other keepers like Roa, Cavallero, Abbondanzieri and Romero had their shining moments (some more than others) but Dibu is an absolute legend.

    • Emi martinez is legend he single handly transform our back and he is big reason why we are copa and world champion legend forever btw I believe if Abbondanzieri hadn’t got injured during quarterfinals vs Germany 2006 we would have won world Cup.

      • Who knows bro? Maybe.

        Some also point out Pekerman’s Riquelme sub off and poor choice of penalty takers. I think Perkerman shares the blame here. Abbondanzieri was way better than Franco of course.

        • I agreed perkerman was the main reasons that we lost not only subbing riquelme but also obtained not to use young messi and aimar due fear of heights of Germans that is why he played julio cruz

    • CR funboys hate him cause Emi helped Messi to win the World Cup which was their main reason against Messi so far, but now only a rigged 7 game tournament LOL, sore loosers, Messi vs CR was never ever a question but it is officialy over now and this is too much for Messi haters LOL, they will cry in their whole remaining lifes.

  6. The WC was wonderful beautiful unimaginable …………..can’t say enough about it but COPA 2021 was the first step to get that 10000Ibs Gorilla off the team’s and Messi’s back and finally, FINALLY, ‘FINALLY’ for us fans to be happy damnit.

    When that final whistle blew and I saw Messi dive on his knees crying, I felt a rush of emotions that I didn’t know how to handle since we always cried tears of agony at the end of every tournament ARGENTINA participated in and here they are, CHAMPIONS…….FINALLY Messi WON COPA AMERICA and beating none other than Brazil in Brazil…..Poetic justice after 1, getting cheated by them 2 years earlier and 2nd, redemption after losing the rights to host it.

    • Poor PSG are in a world of hurt, as I said and wished in the past months for The Golden Child to leave them stranded and for their dumbass fans to stick where the sun don’t shine…….looks like it’s going to happen sooner than expected heheheh

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