AFA to present football complex in Miami for the Argentina national team


With Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni and President Claudio Tapia in attendance, AFA will officially present on August 15 their football complex in Miami.

The plan, which began in 2022 in the town of Hialeah, includes a High-Performance Sports Complex that will serve the National Team for the 2024 Copa America and the 2026 World Cup, should Argentina qualifies.

Furthermore, it will be a base for the young talents to develop and for the players who participate in the leagues of nearby countries such as Mexico or some of Central America. In addition, AFA will create football academies for the large number of Argentine citizens who live throughout the state of Florida.

AFA President Claudio Tapia stated the following through their official website:

“We are very happy and excited about AFA’s project in the United States. We know the importance of this market due to its economic potential and the proximity of the Copa América and the next World Cup in this country. At the beginning of our management, we
focused strongly on expanding our brand in strategic markets such as Asia and the Middle East, where we knew there were thousands of fans from Argentina and many companies interested in working with us.

“The last tour showed what our national team means there. We have many sponsorship agreements and an important brand positioning. Since last year we started working on a similar project in the United States, where we will also have high-performance centers and
institutional offices, which will mark AFA’s permanent presence in this country.”


  1. So, Messi will turn the US into Argentina’s home for next WC just like in Qatar. Sounds good to me.

    I know Messi said he’ll not play in next WC, but I believe it depend on how he feels after Copa 2024. I dont see him skipping the next WC if he plays the qualifier. I mean, imagine playing bunch of qualifier matches only to skip the WC itself? doesnt make any sense.

      • @shubham don’t comment stupid comments. Messi is history?? Don’t create rift among messi and Argentina fans. He is one of the biggest legend of Argentine football. Learn to respect legends

      • Wake up kid…U haven’t followed Messi’s journey yet so u r talking this type of shit…. Football is an art & Messi is the artist…He & Maradona are the greatest Argentine player & u have no idea how many billion fans are wanted him to lift the world cup & he is still showing his magic…so try to respect the GOAT 🐐 & enjoy his game…there will be no player in the 100 yrs who can play like him & tats a fact…

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