Lionel Messi poses in 1994 Argentina World Cup kit, release information


Lionel Messi posed with Argentina’s 1994 World Cup kit and we have news on the upcoming shirts.

Messi took to his Instagram page to post a picture and a video of himself wearing the memorable Argentina away kit from the 1994 World Cup. Messi is shown wearing the full kit with the shorts.

Mundo Albiceleste has learned that Adidas will be releasing several 1994 World Cup related merchandise for Argentina going into the Copa America next year. The re-releases are expected to be out in December of this year.


  1. I have this kit, the original. I don’t want them to re release them 😂. Now others will have it. I should have sold mine before this dumb re release.
    Also the quality of this kit that I have from 94 is extraordinary. I wonder if the new version will have the old school quality

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