Alan Varela to join FC Porto, agreement in place


Alan Varela is set to join FC Porto with an agreement in place.

Varela will continue his playing career in Europe. According to Fabrizio Romano, an agreement is in place between all parties. It’s a deal worth €11 million with add ons to Boca Juniors plus percentage on future sales.

The 22 year old midfielder will join on a long term deal.


  1. Rodrigo De Paul could be sold to Galatasaray.
    Ignacio Miramon very close to signing for Lille.

    Already completed:
    Luis Vasquez to Anderlecht
    Alan Varela to Porto
    Alejo Veliz to Tottenham
    Prestianni to Benfica (but will move in 2024)
    Macallister to Liverpool
    Possible transfers in this window:
    Lucas Beltran to Fiorentina

    • Galatasaray can’t afford Depaul, may be Paredes because PSG just want to get rid of him. Depaul’s game in has improved a lot after the world cup and if he can replicate his national team form then he could be their Modric! Morata might be on his way out, if it happens then Simeone will depend on Correa and Depay and Grizemann behind them for goals. Great news for A.Correa if both Morata and Felix leave, he is better than both of them! Molina Depaul and Correa playing together is very good for us.

  2. Searched Messi defending and this great highlight video popped up. It’s hilarious seeing him go at it with Di Maria (Real) and Kun (City)

  3. Hand of God is absolute real for both those magicians. Maradona and Messi. I mean god actually completed Maradona through Messi. It’s the same concept that explains the trinity. How godly they both are. Maradona achieved a legendary status in his football carrier. But he lacked that longevity. And god made Messi to complete Maradona. Actually Messi is Maradona 2.0. Maradona watched the longevity of himself in Messi and he went to heaven. But for us humans, Messi and Maradona are 2 different persons. So after Maradona passed away, Messi became free from Maradona in the world of god. And after that human Messi has to win the world cup to prove to the world that he is the real GOAT. And he achieved it in the 2022 world cup. And now Messi( both as Maradona and him self achieved every thing in the world of god as both are same person with different bodies) also achieved every thing from human eyes as we just see Messi and Maradona different persons. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  4. Alan Varela and Federico Redondo. We are blessed with top talents in midfield, the area we were lacking talents until recently.
    Enzo, Macca, DePaul, LoCelso, Almada, Buonanotte, Alcaraz, Varela, Redondo,Perrone, Carboni, Farias..guys we are in a dream land. Next world cup is going to be crazy.

    • Actually it’s the passion for the albiceleste shirt differs all. For any current or future mid fielders for Argentina, my pick would be to follow de Paul in terms of passion for the shirt. We need ( riquelme-de Paul dna mid fielders). A mid fielder with a talent of riquelme and the commitment of de Paul would be crack. Play with full heart. That’s all needed. Victory will follow.

      • The world cup is still 3 years away. And the talent at Argentina’s disposal is crazy. You have Garnacho, Zeballos, Prestianni, a gifted wing back like Valentin Barco, even the likes of Velasco are a lot more than “decent”. What matters is the infusion at the right time, and integrating with the whole unit. And if Scaloni can’t do that, then no one can. So, let’s sit back and let the boss do his job.

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