Leandro Paredes wants to join AS Roma despite Galatasaray bid


Leandro Paredes reportedly wants to join AS Roma despite receiving a bid from Galatasaray.

Paredes wants to return to AS Roma. According to Fabrizio Romano, the Argentine wants to rejoin his old club and that is his priority despite receiving a bid from Turkey.

Negotiations with his current club Paris Saint-Germain are advancing to get it done.

The 29 year old spent 2014-2015 on loan at AS Roma and a return there would unite him with Argentina national team and World Cup winning team mate Paulo Dybala who is also at the club.


  1. Great ! Roma would be the perfect team for him. Currently, Roma only has one player that dragged them to the final of Europa league and almost got them into top 4 , Dybala. With addition of Paredes in the midfield , they will be a lot better. He is far better than any of the current PSG midfielders and at Roma he will easily be their top midfielder. I would really want him to go there!

  2. Paredes was part of the WC winning squad, but his crazy antics during the WC game against the Netherlands (kicking the ball full speed in the Dutch bench) will put off teams. He is a hot head and a red card waiting to happen.

    Next to that he was not a regular starter at PSG after the WC.

    He will probably vanish from the Scaloneta after the next Copa and be replaced with a younger player. Maybe Paz if he can get in the Madrid squad.

  3. It’s so unfortunate that a player of his calibre is not getting a suitable club to prove his worth. PAREDES knows if he joins Galatasaray he will be out of the national team. And right now we have some great young midfielders in our ranks. PERRONE, CARBONIS, LUKA ROMERO, NICOLAS PAZ, INFANTINO all of them have the ability to become world class. I have heard one more thing that BENJAMIN CREMASCHI , MESSI’S team mate at inter Miami is hugely influenced by MESSI. And he can play for ARGENTINA just for MESSI. I think SCALONI should take the advantage of it and call him up for the WORLD CUP qualifiers. Can you guys tell whether LUCAS BELTRAN will be playing for Italy.

    • I disagree on several points:

      – Paredes has been one of Scaloni’s favorite midfielders for years now and if you check the stats, you would see that he played a lot of games under him. Scaloni is pragmatic though and allowed Enzo to start when it was needed. I don’t think Scaloni would necessarily move on from Paredes if he joins Galatasaray. Rather, I think Paredes himself understands that he is still only 28, has played for Roma and other Italian clubs before and has made a mistake of joining a mediocre league too early in his career when he played in Russia.

      – While Nico Paz, Carboni and Romero look promising indeed, Infantino does not. Perrone is too early to tell, there have been some flashes here and there but it’s inconclusive so far.

      – Cremaschi has been playing better since Messi joined Miami but there are dozens and dozens of similar type of players that Argentina produces en masse, the attacking midfielder kind, so I don’t see Cremaschi anywhere near the NT any time soon. He would somehow have to surpass Lo Celso and Almada first, never mind Mac Allister and Enzo. Also fend off Nico Paz, Carboni, Romero, so highly unlikely in my opinion.

      – Beltran has said he prefers Argentina to Italy but again a few players in a no 9 role that are ahead of him – Lautaro, Alvarez, Veliz, Castellanos.

    • Given Paredes has continued to be favored by Scaloni despite being largely irrelevant in PSG and Juventus for years, I don’t think moving to Galatasaray would make much difference.

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