Brighton in talks to sign Valentín Barco from Boca Juniors


Brighton are presently in talks to sign Valentín Barco from Boca Juniors.

Several reports out of Argentina are linking Valentín Barco with a move to Europe. According to Gastón Edul, Brighton want the 19 year old left back and while Barco would like the move, he wants to stay until December 2023 to finish the Copa Libertadores.

A separate report by Fabrizio Romano also states that there is real interest with Brighton in talks to sign him.


  1. Joining in January will be good.
    On September 9 Boca Juniors U20 will play the WC final against AZ U20 from the Netherlands (where Romero was keeper for a few years). Boca won the youth Copa Libertadores, AZ the youth CL.

    Barco can play that final and maybe win the Copa with Boca this season.

  2. Brighton are very active in South America. I think De Zerbi has genuine interest in him which tells a lot about his potential. With the new offside rule being approved by FIFA, pacey wingers and strikers will have high demand, so Scolani should use Barco as a winger. Right now, Garnacho and Alvarez are the only fast players in the squad.

  3. Please join Brighton for the sake of our beloved ARGENTINA. We are going to be vulnerable in this position because both TAGLIAFICO AND ACUNA are not getting any younger. VALENTINE BARCO WILL BE THE BEST PERFORMERS TO REPLACE them. And at club VALENTINE BARCO will be under a great coach.

  4. Oh, that would be such a good move for him! England unlike Italy allows young players to play regular minutes, at least off the bench. De Zerbi is a great coach and Barco would develop there very nicely.

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