Gastón Ávila to join Ajax from Royal Antwerp


Gastón Ávila is set to join Ajax from Royal Antwerp.

Ávila is expected to be joining the Dutch giants from Royal Antwerp in Belgium. According to Mike Verweij, he will be joining Ajax for €12.5 million. The 21 year old made the jump over to Europe last year from Boca Juniors.

The defender has yet to be capped or called up to the Argentina national team.


  1. He is Chimy Avila’s brother but I never heard of him. Let’s see if is turns out to be a decent LB at Ajax because we can use one in the near future.

    • Bro, he is left sided centre back, he can play left back though.
      He is another promising centre back
      Argentina Centre back and midfield options is immense

      • Oh ok, if he is a left-footed CB then he would have to compete with Licha, Medina, Senesi. We’ll see how he develops. I was hoping for more of a proper left-back.

        • Medina could also compete as a left back/inverted wing back position, he can play through the half-spaces by finding those deadly line cutting passes to find attackers running in behind the defense. Based on how he has performed for Lens over two seasons, he should be a favorite to be called first. Once Ota retires, then we might see more center back positions competing like Avila or Gattoni. Now that Acuna is injured(pending medical evaluation), this might open up the door for Medina and also for Valentin Barco

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