Sergio Romero to be called up to the Argentina national team


Sergio Romero is expected to be called back to the Argentina national team.

Romero is set to be included in the Argentina national team for the September World Cup qualifying matches. According to Fernando Czyz, Romero will be one of the backup goalkeepers in the team.

The Argentine has been in great form since joining Boca Juniors and could be the third choice goalkeeper for the September matches. The 36 year old goalkeeper was the starting goalkeeper for Argentina when they made the final of the 2014 World Cup and the hero in the semi final penalty shootout against the Netherlands that year.

He has played 96 matches for Argentina, winning the U20 World Cup and Olympic gold. Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina national team play their first two World Cup qualifying matches next month.

The first is at home against Ecuador on September 7 and the second is on September 12 away vs. Bolivia.


  1. Age 36, 40 so what? If he is capable should be called. Scalony delivered to us, which is lots of high profile coach unable to deliver. So respect his dicision.

  2. why calling a 36 year old to put in on the bench?? this is complete madness. the spot should go to a young a promising GK not someone who will be 40 at the start of the next WC.

    • Romero was great for the NT, he is one of the key pieces (along Messi and Mascherano) that got us to a world cup final. He has my respect.

      As a 3rd string keeper, if he is loyal and willing to take time away from his life and family to essentially never play, he does bring experience to the team. If our 1 and 2 got hurt in a major tournament I would trust him more than some young kid with promise, but no big game history, we know Romero has what it takes to play finals.

      Its also a GK, age is much less a factor, look at Buffon who was #1 well into 40s.

      It also makes sense ro have Argentina based players during qualifiers, especially for positions like this which are thankless. Asking someone to fly from EU to play a home game vs Bolivia qnd have zero playing time guaranteed is a drag.

  3. Unless this is to honour him before retirement or something like that, this is complete nonsense.

    How disheartening must it be for players like Ledesma and Musso who, despite proving themselves on much more competitive leagues, are continuously ignored for the sake of favoritism and pandering.

  4. It reminds us every argentina player had chances in NT. Door is not closed for anybodys inclusion in’s a msg by scaloni.Its a clear indication for players that Foam and fitness is reach NT

  5. He is in good form.. doing very well for boca….however musso and ladesma along side martinez looks to be a better call….romero is very good in penalties….

  6. Regardless of his club career , he was great for us and should have been picked as a no-1 GK in 2018! Would have surely gotten a draw for us against Croatia! Scaloni has knack of surprising everyone with his selections! I am curious to see why he would pick Romero!

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