Joaquín Correa joins Olympique Marseille on loan from Inter


Joaquín Correa has joined Olympique Marseille on a loan deal from Inter.

Correa will be playing in France this season. According to Fabrizio Romano, the 29 year old joins them from Inter on a loan deal for €2 million plus €10 million for the buy out clause.

Should Olympique Marseille qualify for the Champions League next season, the buy out clause will be mandatory. Correa will undergo his medical on Friday.


  1. After landing Avila, Ajax is now after Almada from Atlanta. The WC winner could soon be showing his skills in Amsterdam.

    • Stop inflating those kids. Garnacho plays in a very competitive league. I don’t want to see repeat of 2018 where likes of Dimaria, dybala were sidelined because inflated players like Meza, Pavón.

  2. A typical national team of 23 players usually includes 2 center-forwards or “number 9” players and 1 player who can play a number of roles in attack including a CF if needed.

    Why would Scaloni call Icardi if we already have proven goalscorers in Alvarez and Lautaro, plus both add a lot in build up, pressing, acting as a first line of defense. Icardi is a poacher and nothing more. Plus we have Simeone and Castellanos as backups if needed. No need to restart the qualification campaign with drama and toxicity.

  3. I don’t know if my fellow members remember me saying how Szczęsny helped Messi win the WC by stopping his pk during the group stage. Messi was clearly upset with himself after the block, only to never miss a pk since then.
    Anybody who ever watched The Boss take PKs noticed how he often tried to be cute while taking them and it drove me insane……he completely changed his approach where he is full of confidence, cool and collective while dispatching his kicks with extreme accuracy and placement, knowing exactly where the GK is going and BOOM.

    • Virtually every time he waits for keeper to commit and passes it the other way. Only recent pk that wasn’t like that was against Croatia. Messi was told that the Croatian keeper waits very late to commit so he blasted that one into the top right corner.

      By the way, I think his record in shootouts is 10/11 for 91%.

  4. J.Correa, Simeone, and A.Correa will have a really tough time keeping their place in the squad especially how Icardi is playing. Scaloni has already selected Icardi in the past when his tactics was super defensive in absence of Messi and with current form he is knocking the door hard! Additionally, he is a very clinical poacher like Haaland, just wait in the box and score and more importantly he will be just 33 next world cup!

    • Not sure why there are still Icardi dreamers here. It is pretty evident the NT and Scaloni have moved on.

      Plus Alvarez looks to be the next Euro superstar. Icardi is not unseating him. And you have Lautaro next in line. No need to give a seat to third string 30 year-old.

      I would like Scaloni to consider Taty for the next call up

  5. The topic of Mauro Icardi is so intriguing. I understand that he has a problematic personal life, however he is not the first one in this world with such problems. Somehow, it does not seem to impact his performances on the field.

    He is a type of #9 that is getting extinct. I think he can still be important for NT, not necessarily as a starter. But the profile is unique. His assist on the third goal also says his maturity is getting better.

    From club football POV, Chelsea should have got him. They cannot score and someone like Icardi would have given them 20-25 goals. The type of game under Poch would give me plenty to chances to put away.

  6. My God those assists from Messi were the closest thing to perfection when it comes to passes.
    Correa shouldnt go to france.
    Also, if acuna is out for qualifiers, who is in? Tagla got the call also right? I didn’t see the player list yet.

    • Tagliafico is nearly as much of a starter for Scaloni as Acuna so I expect him to start. The question is who is the backup LB, I hope it’s not Medina cause he was underwhelming in that role. Perhaps Valentin Barco would be called.

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