Argentina to play first three World Cup qualifiers at the Monumental


The Argentina national team will play their first three World Cup qualifying matches at the Monumental.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will play six World Cup qualifying matches this year, with three of them at home. According to Diario Olé, the first three matches against Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay will be played in the same stadium.

Argentina will play against Ecuador in September, Paraguay in October and Uruguay in November.


  1. As soon as Mac Allister was off the field, Liverpool played better and better. It has been a disastrous start for Mac Allister at Liverpool and I don’t want to see him to be the worst No.10 in Liverpool’s history.

    • Why you all keep criticising an intelligent player like macallister?. Look when he holds on the ball in a good day even the greatest defenders cannot steal the ball from him. We need him. He will play his heart out. We need that type of players. It’s his attitude that made the current macallister. And he can improve.

  2. MacAllister had a poor game against a very good Newcastle side. He didn’t try to take any risk and instead passed the ball sideward or backwards. Not sure if that was the instruction from Klopp but even before Van-Dyk was sent off , MacAllister was open near the box and instead of running into the box and take a shot himself, he tried to pass it sideward which was blocked by a Newcastle player. It is going to be a long season for Liverpool and MacAllister, it seems.

    • Yeah he has to adapt to this Liverpool tactics. De zerbi tactics suited his style. But now it’s a different ball game. We cannot expect always a burst of runs from macallister. He is not that one. He will try for a shot or a goal here and there but his natural mind set is always to give intelligent passes and a waiting game sometimes. Both scaloni and de zerbi has utilised his intelligence in the game such as great positioning sense and passing ranges and gives attacking roles according to his potential. This match is just an exception coz it is out of his reach. He needs the number advantage. He flourished when the coach used him in the great tactics and at the right position.

    • Licha hasn’t been that good this season so far! May be due to injury but the way he is playing right now and with the disadvantage of short height constantly brought up by English pundits, he better pick up his form soon. He had to be bailed out by Lindeloff last match when he was outplayed by the Nottingham forest forward. Foyth is a solid CB and his brain freezes have significantly dropped! Ready to take over Licha if he fails to return to form!

      Nottingham forest might have lost the match but they showed some good improvements from last season especially in attack and really like to see how Montiel plays on that right wing.

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