Lionel Messi speaks on World Cup qualifying win, being substituted out


Lionel Messi spoke about the World Cup qualifying win and being substituted out.

Messi scored a free kick for Argentina in the 1-0 win vs. Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers and spoke in an interview after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“We know that these are difficult matches in the qualifiers. Ecuador has very good players, they know what they are doing and they are very good physically.

“It was a very difficult match, very physical. I was a little tired so I was substituted out but I felt good. “Not long ago we were World champions but it seems like a lot has happened. We have to keep going, competing and qualifying for the next World Cup, going game after game.

“It was shown in the friendlies we played and today for the points that the group is not going to relax. Everyone wants to beat Argentina and now that we are champions, even more so.”


  1. This was a first match for this combination after quite some time. We did not fair well in the first half but there was no danger for Dibu. This was because Cuti stood tall and Tagliafico was decent. Lautaro looked eager to break his jinx with the national team. However, he hit the side-post. The team grew together in the second half. Tagli hit the crossbar. However, it had to again end with a Messi show. That was the happiest sad part of the whole game. The team without Messi showed its frailties against a poorly rated Indonesia earlier this year. Today the story was no different. Messi should start on the bench against Bolivia and the team should show their mettle without him. And that should be a pattern against some of the relatively weaker oppositions. It’s time Scaloni shows his strategy B without Messi. Let us choose the most difficult terrain of Bolivia to show the world what we can do without Messi. But I am not feeling confident.

    • The reason there was no danger from Ecuador was primarily because our midfield shut them down. The couldn’t build anything up, couldn’t get out of their half of the pitch.

  2. Argentina need to learn to play and win without Messi

    Enzo was awful on the first half I’m sorry but gane ball away so much
    Argentina were average first half
    Otamendi losing ball even Messi

    On thé plus good clean sheet and played Cuti

  3. I think that having 6 places for qualification can be used as an advantage for Argentina. Let’s say that once Argentina qualifies, hopefully early, Scaloni can then use the remaining games to try new lineups, rest players and try different tactics.

  4. Great result and the players most of you mentioned did great.
    But I’m really sorry to write some bad stuff too. Miedfield had no creativity. I’ve been told many times I’m obsessed with GLC… But sorry guys his creativity was missing.
    He had the mist assists in Copa and he is just a heck of a player… Tottanham just sucks he should never play there, should move asap…

    Looking forward for the Bolivia Game I believe there’s gonna be changes


  5. Just checked the table and can’t believe it, I’ve been in kind of a post World Cup crash for six months not paying attention too much to Argentina or anything and while I remember hearing about the expanded World Cup before for some reason it took me by surprise that six teams are qualifying. Completely changes everything. Don’t really like what it does to the actual tournament of the World Cup and they shouldn’t fix anything that’s not broken but at least we can sit back and relax. We’re guaranteed to qualify. A positive to come out of this situation is that I am looking forward for Chile to somehow fail to qualify yet again

    • Look at it this way, many countries that could never make it before will make it. It will be glorious for so many smaller countries. I hope all the heavy hitters from Africa make it this time around. Algeria, ivorycoast,Nigeria, and Egypt all missed out last round… they aren’t great but they always entertain.
      Also will be great to see all the Yugoslavia teams make it and get a chance to maybe run into each other in front of the whole world. Can u imagine serbia vs Bosnia???? How about Iraq vs USA? World cup is glory. There’s nothing else like it. I almost cried today before the match started.

    • I agree Palacios deserves a start he has been best Argentina midfielder this year he plays in a really exciting team

  6. Well here we go again, a typical SA qualifiers game with a narrow scoreline and few chances and lots of physical play. Really happy for the three points and now to La Paz where it feels like just yesterday where we won with those Lautaro and Correa goals.

    Even though we had possession and defended well it was tough today because of their physicality and how difficult it was to make that last pass to create a chance in their box. Ecuador have a challenge because they were deducted three points but with some of their “golden generation” players moving into their prime these next three years I think they have a good shot at qualifying again and will get lots of points against the Venezuelas, Bolivias, Paraguays, and Perus.

    Really incredible performance from one of the best defenders in the world, Cuti. I think Scaloni will keep him and Otamendi as the main duo until the Copa America and then hopefully he’ll think about switching Ota for Lisandro permanently. De Paul doing the role that made him so vital during the Scaloni era, super important system player. So happy to start this journey again

      • Man I would hope so too, but just knowing what Scaloni is like I feel that he’ll wait him out as long as possible. The fact that Armani is still being called up says enough. He might use him again like in the WC coming off the bench to form a 3 at the back

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