Cristian Romero speaks on World Cup qualifying win, Lionel Messi


Cristian Romero spoke about Argentina’s World Cup qualifying win and Lionel Messi.

Romero was one of the, if not the best player on the pitch for Argentina in their 1-0 win in the World Cup qualifiers. The 25 year old was solid when defending and helped out in attack which had the fans give him a standing ovation. Romero spoke to TyC Sports after the win. Here is what he had to say about Lionel Messi:

“Leo always shows up in the moments when it is difficult for us or when we cannot open up the game, he has those things that only he has and we are very happy to continue having him. He looks very happy and we enjoy him a lot. We are happy to see him doing so well.

“We tried in the first half, we couldn’t open up the scoring but after that when Leo appeared, he made things much easier for us. We could have ended with a bigger gap but I am happy to start off on the right foot and we showed that we are doing very well.”

About the standing ovation from the fans: “The truth is that it is exciting. These are things that stay with you for a lifetime and I did not expect it, I always take advantage of the opportunities that the coach and my teammates have given me since the first day I came to the national team. They trusted me a lot and I try to give it back on the pitch and I am very happy for the ovation from the people.”

Regarding playing at altitude in Bolivia on Tuesday:

“Today we will enjoy this win to start off well and tomorrow we will start preparing for what will be a very tough match. I have never played there but I have seen and they told me that it is very hard and difficult in the altitude so we will try to rest to get to 100% and have another good game.”


  1. Wasn’t able to see the match in live of ARG for long time due to work issues….reading all the post’s and watching a bit of pieces from there and there and knowing that La Paz is not deffenetly not easiest place to play around the world as most propably the hardest as Tibet can’t play their home game’s in Tibet and don’t know if there are other places around the world played with such an altitude etc…

    Anyhow i think ARG must use those players who can adapt the best as possible to the altitude as 2 or 3 days is not really enough of time at least for everyone, maybe and hopefully many can adapt to the altitude and specially playing in there, which is completely different story than just getting used to the alttitude as i remember when i was young and fit climbing up in Himalayas and from 3000 metres to 3500 was not that easy at all, so i got really bad headache, when i arrived at 3500 m and had to go back for 3000 m and wait for about a week after reaching again 3500 was not a problem anymore, but obviously i did not play football in there so even being high up more than 4000 m once upon time it is like madness to think of playing football at altitude,

    but ARG have had an obviously different results there in the past and showed, that it is possible to beat Bolivia high up in their home with the altitude as i can’t remember how high up they are exactly playing, but i quess, that does not matter as long they are playing there and have been playing there before….

    Also i due remember Palacios and Di Maria adapting and playing well in La Paz before as i remember Banega scoring there as well…

    Anyhow given Palacios recent form in Europe i think he should be included in starting eleven and if Di Maria feeling well again in alttitude, Yes deffenetly as he has show’n it before also in there, though obviously it is some time ago, but, Yes, generally i feel it is important to use those who adapt the best as possible with the alttitude as, that is a huge factor obviouly in this game….

    Otherwise if playing somewhere else i will deffenetly do some changes if it was up to me regardless not being able to watch the whole game against Ecuador as i do trust some analysis made after, this game so, maybe i would also use 4 men mid and if not, then i will swap Enzo to Palacios not meaning, that Palacios playing the same posession as Enzo did in the last game, but just, because i trust Palacios in the alttitude and from ENZO, MAC and RDP i think and quess that ENZO did not hit the ground fully yet in his first WCQ also played in ARGENTINA and in MONUMENTAL, where forexample so many of ARG NT players from the past and present like him and Julian been playing regularly…as players of River…

    Well, sometimes the game just don’t go as expected and there are no easy games in SA WCQ’s, though i do not rank Chile and Bolivia (playing away that good) and Ecuador been rising and keep on rising as beside their current team they have also many young players waiting for their first senior cap etc…

    So and the first game’s are usually the most difficult one’s in the WCQ’s regardless your opponent and, that ARG are TREBLE CHAMPIONS !

    A good thing was, that the first game was against very physical and also good Ecuador side and, that ARG got the maximum 3 points as only results matter in the end, though i’m also looking at the way and the style of play, which if i understood right did not impress yet, that much, but given the facts, that is was against Ecuador and the first WCQ i’m not complaining either, yet, lol !

    Also it can be very well, that ENZO feels good at altitude and gives ARG a win as, that is impossible really predict as he has not been there at least yet with ARG NT….

    Don’t know how is LICHA doing at the moment, because obviously got a bit injured again in the last MU game and was not able to play against Ecuador, but given how the ball moves at alttitude of La Paz and most propably Bolivia will start up, that striker, though with the age 36, but allways has scored. for Bolivia as i just can’t get his name to my Mind….Marcelo Moreno or something similar…very good header indeed….

    Maybe, if LICHA is fit and feeling good to play i will play 3 at the back and using LICHA as LCB and deffenetly CUTI as starter even if he is struggling a bit with alttitude, which can happen to anyone etc..,Still CUTI is and has been so, so important for ARG and for his Club Spurs too and now he has been really on Fire for both lately and pretty much saved ARG also or at least presented Ecuador’s chance to score and i think he truly deserved the MOM even i did not see the whole game as only some pieces from there and there….

    And if LICHA not fit to play or struggling with alttitude, then maybe a back 4….

    Maybe Montiel will start instead of Molina as also i think this will be decided by the coaching who adapt the most to the alttitude and who are fit to play offcourse….

    Same if played with back 3 or 4 at the left as it purely depends on how does Tagli feels as i hope he will be fine as i think he had a solid game against Ecuador…

    If using back 3 well Nico Gonzalez can also play on the left if Tagli is not able…

    There are basicly so many if’s at the moment until the team arrive’s in La Paz and starts training so until, then it will be hard to tell as obviously i would not Mind to see a bit of Garnacho and also i’m fine with about allmost anyone starting, maybe not Armani, though as i not mean to be dissrespectfull and Pezzella, well he can be good with headers, but his pace for me is not enough anymore, but it all depends on how will the Scaloni & Co approach this game in tactically wise….

    So on monday i quess we will know a bit more, though the line up can change allways just even before game start’s, but hopefully not as those are due to some unexpected injuries or someone not feeling well etc…

    As obviously one must be ready also for those to happen, but obviously everyone wishes not so….

    The good thing is, that ARG has many choices available and, that they won the first game even with not, maybe the with style we fan’s of ARG been used to lately, but in away this was also very expected…as win as win and travelling to La Paz with 3 points make’s it at least a slight easier, than with only 1 or zero points, though the game will be hard one for sure….as allways in La Paz….obviously the altitude plays a huge advantage for Bolivia,

    but in the end it is the same for every SA nation to go play in there, maybe Ecuador has a slight advantage compared to others, but every game end’s up being alkways it’s own….so as this time 6 spot’s guranteed to Qualify from SA WCQ to the WC, a draw from Bolivia, will not be, that bad result in the end, but offcourse as fan of ARG i want ARG obviously improve from last the game, though it was against though Ecuadorian side, but don’t know if i can really ask this yet as the next game will be played in La Paz….

    So again and even more as in the first game i will prioritize the result the most like in the first game as it was kind of expected in away, though playing home in Monumental, Still the new beginning/ new journey is allways not, that easy to start…

    Luckily it started well and so it must continue to do and improve, mahbe not yet in La Paz yet due to the alttitude, but looking realky forward alkready for the next games in SA WCQ with ARG, even the game in La Paz is not played yet, lol !

    As i think slowly we will start to see, maybe some more playing time for those who have not yet featured, that much as offcourse it will be hard for them also if everyone keep’s on Fire with their clubs, but also they may not play the exact same to,e as in their clubs as also in their clubs they may change a bit according to their opponent and up their coaches etc.,

    But, SA WCQ’s are very different in many ways to forexample European Club football and in SA WCQ the ARG NT team must be 100% and more than ready to face any of their opponents as all them will come hunting for the heads of ARG and want beat ARG

    So must the coaching and i’m sure they they are more, than aware of this and been allready thinking about, though one must allways approach game by game and concentrate on the next opponent and next match…etc…

    But, if u ask any player or any coach, well they will all answer u back the same way as how it works, simple as that…but, surely the coaching is operatiivinen on multiple levels and ideas according to whoever will they play against and also i do understand, that many of the SA teams might not play like they did in the past as some have changed their coaches or so e players been changed etc…

    So as only one round is played also it is not that easy yet for scouting to figure out as only mostly the next opponent, but after 2 rounds been played, then one has more data available and also more time to prepare for against the 3 round opponents as ofcourse the players play a huge role in all of this as how they keep on playing with their clubs and hopefully will stay injury free for the 3 round so, that there are those options available for the coaching , that they may have thought of before the the 3 round begins…

    But, now La Paz it is and hopefully ARG will either win or at least get a draw, though a loss is just one game and, because 6 spot’s guranteed to Qualify to the next WC, well, that changes something obviously, but not necessaraly in a bad way as i would also not Mind to see like SorinXCrespo said in one his post’s, that hopefully all the currently best African teams will make it to the next WC as hopefully we will see very entertaining matches between many different nations etc…though i’m only basicly intrested in one as ARG ! As obviously everyone else here in Mundo, maybe expect some who just appear for trolling, lol !

    A win from La Paz would be more, than great and it will give good base for third round matches to become as 4 points will also due…

    My line up for the game will be if everyone fit even Messi as i only want to see how ARG will be playing without him, though from La Paz it is hard to really draw any conclusions…anyhow u will go with this :

    FOYTH/Cuti Ota/CUTI LICHA/Medina
    MONTIEL/Molina and either Tagli or Nico Gonzalez as wingbacks
    DI MARIA/ Alvarez
    Lautaro/ ALVAREZ/ Beltran

    + if MESSI can play sub him in if needed
    + other subs would like to see are or at least amongst the subs Garnacho, Correa, Paredes, Almada, Bunanotte, Senesi

  2. It seems like Romero is injured too.. i prefer 442 for this one. We might see following changes.
    Molina- montiel. Taglafic-medina.

  3. Who wants to see Palacios start he was man of the match 4 years ago and he has been in fantastic form this season maybe our best midfielder based on club form I think he deserves a chance maybe scaloni will start with a 4 man midfield just to pass the ball around not run that much and frustrate Bolivia win with the quality of our players

    • Maybe Macallister Enzo Palacios RDP—-Julian Di Maria, Messi as supersub, but its hard to dominate in La Paz, we were usually the counter attacking team in last matches.

  4. Cuti should get a perfect rating for the match. I only have one complaint about him. When he slide tackle that amazing save out of Valencias feet in the box he yelled in his face. Then Valencia even tried to shake his hand after he got yelled at and said “good defense brother” but cuti didn’t take the veterans hand. Maybe I’m just being picky, but we never have issues with Ecuador and Valencia is a stand up honorable player that we have history against. Cuti needs to humble himself in that regard. But other than that he was almost perfect

  5. I want to see Nico Gonzalez start another match. He had an average performance but it is understandable as he was playing with the team after a huge gap. He has everything needed to be great winger , the only area he is little behind is dribbling which he compensates by his pace.

    Romero is our best defender no doubt and he is a goal scoring defender. Otamendi is slowing down and Pezella isn’t good enough to be a starter. Licha body is showing the intensity of EPL and Please don’t hate me on this but I prefer Licha more in a 3 man defense than 2 in the back, not that he can’t play in a traditional 2 in the back. But it would be wise to find a tall CB for his backup!

    • Not at all bro , you have raised valid point. I think senesi and f. Medina have good chance to compete with Lisandro even though I’m slightly going to Lisandro martinez

    • Nico was important in helping dominate possession and stifling their play out of the back. He also had a nice dribble and cross that led to a great chance that Lautaro fluffed. He’s not as dynamic as Di Maria but contributed to our solidness.

    • Let the messi rest if it’s time let him free is this time
      Let Argentina play without messi in la paz
      The guy deserves rest he had achieved everything with arg nt from now we must use part time. He can’t travel those long distances

    • He said he was tired. The only time I can remember him requesting to be subbed. Recognizing the limitations as his age is good. Anyone else think he looked a little chubby? Maybe eating too much junk food in Florida.

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