Argentina U23 starting eleven vs. Bolivia, Thiago Almada, Alan Velasco start


which has just started.

Mascherano is coaching the U23 team and with the qualifiers beginning in January, the team is playing a friendly match at the Lionel Andres Messi complex. World Cup winner Thiago Almada started for the U23 team. Here is the starting eleven:

Brey; Lujan, Di Cesare, Valentini, Zenon; Nardoni, Villagra, Almada; Solari, Gonou and Velasco


  1. Just watched Boca Juniors U20 vs AZ U20 from the Netherlands for the youth world cup. Boca keeper Diaz Robles might just be our future keeper. Much better than Gerth.

    Boca won on penalties.

  2. Nationalelf LOL imagine what would be here after such results:
    Japan 1:4
    Columbia 0:2
    Poland 0:1
    Ukraine 3:3 (1:3 till 85th minutes)
    Belgium 2:3

    Just imagine if its Argentina, this place would explode from hate

  3. So it seems like MLS has no international break? Anyhow, I would really like to see Messi, Dimaria , Otamendi come off the bench in our next match. The next world cup will have 48 teams and it won’t be hard to qualify for it. Six teams will qualify directly and 7th one if they win a play off. So total of 7 out of 10 teams going to the next world cup.

    2018 world cup disaster wasn’t just due to Sampoali. It was a joint effort of AFA , it coaches like Tata and Bauza followed by Sampoali and the desire of our aging legends who simply wanted to play one more world cup especially Macherano, Higuain, Rojo, Biglia. If we want to avoid that we test our team and which is why play Messi and Dimaria off the bench more often. Messi is playing in MLS a lot less physical and easier league , they have longer breaks which will only prolong Messi’s international career. However , he will turn 39 during the world cup 2026. He has stopped pressing long time ago so him being 39 and playing in the world cup depends totally on his body and mentality! If he continues to excel in MLS and keeps fit he can easily play the next world cup but we have to prepare life without him. If we lost next Copa , he might hang his boots!

    • Yes, Sula V absolutly right and correct as referreing not only to 2018 WC and what happened with specially Bauza after AFA decided to hire him as maybe Tata at least tried a bit more, but eventually was not paid and everything was just full chaos starting from AFA and it all manifested with Sampaoli’s madman tactics+ those players u meantioned should had quit like pro after the failed to beat Chile the second time with Tata, though i have admit, that both of those Copa’s that Chile won was more due tbeir luck and also ARG failed to find the way to win and i think they were loaded with too much pressure since 2014 WC final, though they came close and were also a bit unlucky too, but anyhow those name’s u mentioned should had quit with style as Zabaleta did for example….

      I have a feeling, that Messi will either not to play or come of the bench only if needed as, that is my wish too, but think if Angel is adapting to alttitude as he used to, then i think he might start as if i would be on charge only for next La Paz game i will pick those who adapt the most to the alttitude and cope with it, though nothing is certain in such alttitude, but i quess soon as they have trained in there we night be bit wiser about who Scaloni & Co will most propably use as the starting eleven….

      My personal pick only for the next game is :

      FOYTH/Cuti CUTI/Ota LICHA/ Medina also don’t Mind if Senesi will be used….
      Wingbacks as MONTIEL/Molina TAGLI/ Nico Gonzalez
      Middfield as RDP PALACIOS MAC/ Enzo
      DI MARIA/ ALVAREZ/ Correa as kind of 10
      Up front ALVAREZ/ Lautaro/ Beltran

      Subs that i would like to see as : Garnacho, Correa, Beltran, Buonanotte, Paredes, Guido, Senesi, Medina, Foyth depending on if some of theese names will be among the starters…?

    • The World Cup is eons away in football years. The only think to focus on right now is Copa America 2024. Once that’s finished, WC prep starts. No doubt in 2 years, the landscape will be very different. Some of our olds will be utterly done and some of our youngs will be shining. Then we form the team. Impossible to see that far in advance.

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