Lionel Messi could start on the bench for Argentina


Lionel Messi could be starting on the bench for Argentina vs. Bolivia.

Messi only trained for the first 15 minutes on Monday and he has been a doubt to start for Tuesday’s World Cup qualifying match. According to Gastón Edul, as of now, Messi would be starting on the bench for Argentina.

Fans in Bolivia let off fireworks at 3:00 am in front of the Argentina national team’s hotel in La Paz as they tried to get some rest for Tuesday’s game. Per TyC Sports, this could be the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Leandro Paredes or Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di María, Nicolás González or Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez or Julián Álvarez.


  1. Bolivia fans and their fireworks !!! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    They did this also like 14-15 years ago and won the match. If I remember correctly it was one of maradonas first games as coach too.
    I am actually proud of the Bolivian fans for this…their national team needs all the help they can get. They havnt produced an above average player in over twenty years

    • Not really.
      It was a nightmare.
      We lost 6-1 in La Paz.
      The result made a huge dent in Diego’s reputation as coach.

      The fireworks are terrible. The players can’t sleep through the noise.

      • I know. We know. U stated the obvious. We all know fireworks make noise and what the intent of the fans was. I am just stating that the Bolivia fans have to do what they can to help their team. Try to re read posts before replying, thanks.

  2. I think Nico has a good chance to start as it Sounds as MESSI will starting from the bench…., though obviously his hungerness/ eagarness to start every gane he can will be kind Of hard to handle… as i think, that it may be even hard to think forhimself and he might be going through a kind Of process…etc,where he has to find the right balance due obviously, because Of his age, but knowing a bit Of how much ARG and playin’ for ARG means for him or tryin’ ’ at least to think how much ARG means to MESSI as obviously only he knows himself…, but as being not only THE GREATEST EVER, but also super intelligent + very humble and wise Person indeed !

    We might see a decission taken’ by himself( hopefully for his and for everybody and the team if he obviously feels, that this time he just can’t due to playin’ so so much in last calender year, which he pretty much turned or mixed to a this Calender year as obviously not resting, that much at all…etc)

    As i’m sure he is only thinking purely about ARG and how ARG may win this very hard game played at 3600 metres above sea level….

    Hopefully the ARG team got some rest as referring obviously to those fireworks, though i quess it is more coming, maybe just an normal gesture from hosts around the World and as in SA i quess they are very used to this or at least in Copa Libertadores and with NT matchess..,etc..

    Anyhow 15 players who have never played at such an altitude as 3600 metres above sea level obviously means, that many starters as it looks like will be playin’ their first game in La Paz and just hopefully everyone new or not new to such an alttitude will be alle to cope with it..,!

    Meaning basicly and hopefully, that those who cope the best with the such an alttitude will be at least if not starting, them comin’ in as subs…

    And i due agree, that Nico has been terrific for ”La Viola” and i think him and Angel will both start even as it looks like a back 4, though it could be still as back…3 and the formation will kind live obviously due how the game will develop…

    And i see Nico also as player who can play in kind Of various ways and it make’s also sense to me, that he will start due to his variouness.. as only if he is not suffering badly from such an alttitude…?

    Still i hope Palacioss will start as he done well in alttitude as Di Maria too and RDP have also played there before too, so surely he will start and only not if he is not well as i truly not hope so !

    Ota most propably too as from ARG’s defenders only him and Pezzella have played with such an alttitude….

    As 2-3 days are not much time to adapt and for me way too little and therefore i truly hope, that CUTI will be fine due to his superpowers….

    So if the one will stick to what has been said, them i think we might see 4-3-3,which could and can be switched to an 3-2-3-2 or what ever with 3 at the back due to way Of how the gane will develop..,etc…and Paredes as i can’t remember for sure, but if i’m right has also played with such an altitude before and if so, then i kind Of understand why he might start, but in this way also Palacioss should start too !

    As per due to reports i will pick, then the following as :
    Molina or Montiel, CUTU, Ota, Tagli
    RDP, Paredes, Palacios

    And swap sides between Angel and Nico if needed etc…


  3. Anyone( who might know?) if this Fifa+ is a Worldwide broadcaster from as it sounds onviously one from Fifa…, just wondering if this one works as kind of same as the one from Fifa’s website, which was broadcadting for example the U20 WC played in ARG recently…as not living in U.S or neither in the region of Pacific or Asia as instead watching from Europe… etc…

  4. AS ALWAYS, LET’S GO ARGENTINA …..let the youngsters shine.
    I HOPE Messi is not needed, he needs to rest and LET’S not forget, Messi basically went from PSG to the WC, played his LIFE out and won the world cup for all ARGENTINA faithful, went back to PSG and played and THEN, played in friendlies and THEN played for Inter Miami and performed better than expected, and playing in qualifiers as we speak and let’s be honest… expected to play vs Atlanta on Saturday……….Homie has played a LOT for a young player, nm an OLD MAN.

    • I will have to respectfully disagree. We can’t judge our players based on 1 game after which was played after such a long gap. Especially, Nico has been the best player for Fiorentina for quite a while and he is turning out to be a great winger. He can score, assist, track back and defend and is very underated, far better than Rafinha and Antony. I want him to start but doubt Scalono will start him.

      • we dont really need defending attackers against the Bolivian bus. We need players that are capable of breaking down or getting through their defensive wall like Di Maria, Garnacho, and Alvarez.

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