Argentina starting eleven vs. Bolivia, Lionel Messi does not make the bench


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his starting eleven and Lionel Messi does not make the bench.

Lionel Messi does not start and is not on the bench for Argentina for their World Cup qualifying match vs. Bolivia. Ángel Di María starts and Ángel Correa will wear the number 10 shirt. Here is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Enzo, Mac Allister; Di María, Julián Álvarez, Nicolás González


  1. HELL YES, 6 points in the bag baby, I am Super Happy, 3-ZERO in La Paz…when was the last time ARG won by 3 there and the BOSS Chillin on the bench EXCELLENT RESULT.

    TY FIFA+ very nice.

    • Maybe Scaloni fell asleep during this dull and uninspiring 2nd half. Against 10 men they should score more goals and bring on fresh legs. First half was strong, second forgettable.

      • I agree on that some subs could had been made, maybe…? But, the truth is what chejose said :

        September 12, 2023 At 5:58 pm
        They had no legs left…La Paz is a torture chamber

        As i fully agree with chejose and btw 0-3 in La Paz is very good result even if this Bolivia is not maybe their greatest ever….

        Anyhow ARG clearly better and could had eafily scored multiple goals more as they had really many shots on target !

        As what comes to second half and to the subs made earlier…?

        Well, i honestly think that Scaloni & Co knew who can play at such altitude as 3600 metres above sea level and cope with it too as it is more than understable, that maybe all could not + maybe some having some knocks and whatever badicly being on such alttitude for only 2 days + it can really effect on multiple ways….

        So even having knocks or not or being tired or not or what so ever…i’m pretty sure they used all the players who could cope and play with such an altitude….

        And it is more than logical, that anyone playin’ at such an altitude will eventually get tired as more Quicker than even themselfs will realize…

        And if it so as i just think…that, because 15 players never played there before and maybe all could not due to the such an high alttitude….

        Well, then the coaching just had to folliw how the gane will develop and hope for goal or 2 as i think they are satisfied with 3 and not conceding !

        So did the game develop in, that manner as said before, that ARG could had multiple goals, but it is extremly not only just difficult due to the thin air at such high alttitude only to be able to play in first place as obviously this can effect your body and mind too + it is extremly difficult to control the ball and therefore it is more than understandaple, that ARG could not convert every scoring opportunity, which indeed they had many, but still scored 3 and did not conceded as if they will be hiven second chance and more time to adapt to the high alttitude with physicalky and how the ball moves there with really thin air…etc

        Well, i’n sure based on the scioring chanches, that ARG would had easily won by 6 goals at least !

        Well deserved victory and as i said 3 goals scored in La Paz and not conceeding !

        Job very well and greatly done too !


  2. Easy peasy today😊.
    Looking forward to see the previous La Paz win warriors getting some sub minutes – Palacios, Lautaro, Parades. Also well deserved substitution for remote controlled DiMaria. So maybe A Correa for Dimaria & Garnacho for Nico G.

  3. At work and watching on the phone. Saw the last 20 mins and 2 goals. Great start to the campaign. Keep it simple and win it. 6 points is a great start. No need to play Messi.

  4. El Fideo with two Assist..
    I love the midfielders determination..
    Rushing for the lo0ose ball..
    Knowing that first touch is difficult for the opponents in high altitude pitch

  5. It’s safe to say that:
    1. we have the best player in the world – Messi
    2. we have the best midfielder in the world – Enzo
    3. we have the best defender in the world – Cuti

    Our 4th star will come soon if we keep playing like this. Vamos!

    • Emi inbetween the posts,,
      Do you have any issue..😁 he is the pole star..

      When he wear NT jersey, he will be in beast mode..
      Forget about Aston villa,

  6. Unfortunately I am not able to watch the game live today, so does anyone know any website or link in which I’ll be able to find the complete game after? Thank you

      • Wow thank you sir, didn’t know there was such a free and easy site to use that’s official from Fifa, thought I’d have to manage with some shady website operating out of Uzbekistan or something 😂 had to scroll fast down here to not read any comments so I don’t see the result beforehand

      • And praise will heaped upon you.
        Muchas gracias for the Fifa plus suggestion. Good quality stream and no troubles with those shaky. malware ridden streaming sites.



        FIFA + works absolutly fantastic as i remember this british comnentators voice from U20 WC played on ARG recently….really happy as u obviously not only made me happy as literally everyone on this MUNDO website !


        Absolutly great to watch also as replay too if u are not able to watch live due to whatever reason’s as i was at work..,driving car in the middle really foggy forest in the middle Of might, lol ! As Jon done really enjoying to watch the game on FIFA + as Olive said works so miraclously fine with really good quality and so esdy to use as just downloaded the ap and imeatdeatly straight to the game, wow i can’t remember watching with such an easy way before only when they had the ARG games & SA WCQ’s or COPA in my country on some costly TV chanels, though not so expensive as pay per view, but still around 30 U.S $ for a month.. will get back to u after watching the game as imust at least thank u twice or start mentiong u in every long post!s of minne, lol ! As u really deserved for giving this link etc…best regards Ricky

  7. good. much needed rest and playing at such a physically taxing location simply isnt worth it. Our boys will do fine. Really want to see Di Maria play making combined with speed demon Garnacho.

    • THEY SHOULD HAD BEEN USED AS TO SECURE THEM TOO FOR ARG AS GARNACHO WAS, though i’m not gonna complain about Scaloni & Co as 6 points was exactly what everyone was praying for and it is never easy at La Paz either..,etc

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