Manchester City reached an agreement in principle with Valentín Barco


Manchester City have reportedly reached an agreement in principle with Valentín Barco.

The reigning Premier League champions could be signing another Argentine player. According to Germán García Grova, the club have reached an agreement in principle with Barco and Manchester City representatives will fly out to Argentina to reach an understand with Boca Juniors for the 19 year old left back.


  1. Not sure how I feel about this, Maximo Perrone essentially lost a whole season rotting on the bench at City when all the while he was starting for Velez. He’s playing for La Palmas now and hopefully will get more playing time (played an entire half for them before the Int.break and did well) and prove himself but one still has to wonder whether it would’ve been better for him to stay atleast another season with Velez and develop and the same applies to Barco. He really needs to stay at Boca for atleast another season because he’s now a starter and is playing in the copa lib and all that is invaluable experience for someone his age.

  2. It is great to join the best team, only you need to work hard and proved yourself to play in the starting XI. Being on the bench is not good enough for development. However, sure Barco will get his chance as he is a good player

  3. Barco is a special talent and will be our left back in 2026. He may even be on the Copa team next year. I don’t know if I like him going to City. A better fit is maybe Brighton that develops players. I don’t want another Maxi Perrone situation. Even Julian has to fight for minutes at city who are under constant pressure to deliver trophies. Players can’t develop without playing. I hope they leave him at Boca or send him out on loan for a while to play.

  4. I saw this in GOAL a couple of days back. Glad to see some meat in the news. Man city strategy is evolving. They are really trying build from grass root. Even if 50% of them become big and give them trophies it will be great.

  5. Unlike most other EPL clubs and the Big Spanish clubs, Man-City like other tier-b league clubs (Benfica, Porto, Ajax …..) seems to have realized that Argentina local league players are of extremely huge potential and can be bought at pennies on the dollar! Instead of letting tier-b clubs buy them and pay 20X price , they have started to scoop up young players with huge potential at very low prices! Julian Alvarez is worth easily 80 to 100 million now and they got him for 13 million!

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