Argentina World Cup qualifying matches remaining this year


Argentina have four World Cup qualifying matches remaining this year.

The World Cup champions have played two 2026 World Cup qualifying matches in September, winning both matches. The first a 1-0 win vs. Ecuador and the second a 3-0 win vs. Bolivia without Lionel Messi.

Lionel Scaloni’s team have four matches remaining in 2023 and they are all World Cup qualifying matches. According to Fernando Czyz, Argentina will play Paraguay on October 12 in Buenos Aires.

Their second game in October is on October 17 against Peru in Lima. Argentina will play two more matches in November against two South American giants.

The first match is on November 15 against Uruguay in Buenos Aires. The last game of the year for Argentina is against Brazil on November 18 and that match will be either in Manaos, Recife or Brasilia.


  1. I was happy to see Messi with his feet up sitting on the bench and why not avoid playing 2.5 PLUS miles above sea-level vs an opponent who was there to foul foul and foul all game long.
    One has to keep in mind that Messi has a serious obligation to Inter Miami, like it or not, that’s a fact of life and he wants to keep that love affair going with a city that has showed him so admiration from the first sec……and I have no doubt he’ll play Saturday.

    • Yes, he could get away not playing few matches for Barcelona or even PSG but at Inter Miami people play 10X to 20X the ticket price and get Apple TV subscription to see him and see him only!

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