Lionel Messi speaks on World Cup, Copa America, family, Inter Miami, PSG


Lionel Messi gave an interview which was released on Thursday where he spoke about winning the World Cup, playing at the 2026 World Cup, the 2024 Copa America, his family, Inter Miami and his time at Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi spoke to Migue Granados of Olga about several topics, commenting on the World Cup and even how he uses Whatsapp. Here is what he had to say about winning the World Cup and his time with Paris Saint-Germain:

“Although I wasn’t doing well in Paris, I was a World champion while there. Everything happens for a reason. In quotes, it was our fault they (France) weren’t champions again. I was the only player who didn’t get recognition, but no big deal.”

In regards to playing at the next World Cup with the Argentina national team:

“I’m not thinking about the next World Cup yet, it’s far. About the upcoming Copa America, yes. It’s going to be nice. After that, we will see, depending how I am. The years have passed and we have to see how I feel, I’ll see it day by day.

“I don’t want to think about the after. I want to enjoy it as much as I can, what I like the most is playing.”

How he is and playing with Inter Miami:

“I’m happy here in Miami and it shows… At a certain point, here it is more relaxed.

“There are people who have followed me for a lifetime and already know me. It shows a lot when I’m happy on the pitch. The idea was to start decompressing a little. After so many years in a career, to take things differently, to enjoy it.”

About his wife Antonela and his family:

“Is Anto a good mother? Yes, I admire her. She spends 24 hours with the kids. We are away a lot of the time: Travels, games, preseason, the national team.

“We would like one more baby. Let’s see if we get a girl.

“I think I am a good father. I try to pass on to my children the values ​​they taught me when I was young. I follow the approach of the club I grew up in, Barça. Barça’s values ​​are very important.”

Regarding playing in Argentina:

“There was always the idea of being able to enjoy Argentine football, of playing for Newell’s and even more so being a World champion…”

Using Whatsapp:

“I’m pretty cut off from Whatsapp, I have to be seen if I am online. I do not send audios, I prefer messaging and calls. I do not use stickers.”

His trophies:

“The Ballon d’Or is a beautiful honor but I was fortunate enough to win everything in football. The Champions League, league titles, Copa America, World Cup and others. These are more important awards.

“Everything I have is at Barcelona, there in the museum. The Ballon d’Or, the golden boot, everything.”

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  1. What is the point of Montiel joining Nottingham if he can’t guarentee himself a starting position in the lineup?
    From a benchwarmer in a relatively bigger team to a benchwarmer in a nobody team. Very bad!

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