Papu Gómez hints at possible retirement from football


Papu Gómez recently spoke about his future and how he could be retiring from football.

Gómez is presently without a club, having left Sevilla on mutual terms. The 35 year old had reportedly received offers but he is still a free agent. The World Cup winner spoke with Eco Di Bergamo, here is what he had to say:

“I’m waiting for the right opportunity. If it doesn’t arrive, I could consider retiring. I gave everything for football and I don’t want to end up bitter.

“1Looking back and realizing that I won a World Cup is still surreal. It makes me realize that all the hard work and dedication in my career have paid off in a way I never imagined.”


  1. Chelsea desperately need a proper striker. Jackson is not the one. He can’t even stay onside and missed sitters. Enzo supplied few good balls , but he also missed a good chance.

    MacAllister had a good assist and slowly blending in the team.

    • He does not have enough PR appeal. The Saudis are only interested in football to the point that it helps them make more money from viewership and distract the world from the horrible things that they do.

      • What horrible things are the Saudis doing?
        They have a vision for 2030 aimed at reforming and diversifying their economy. They are investing in various sectors to attract global attention and there is nothing wrong in it.

        When Papu says he is waiting for the “right opportunity” I believe he means a Saudi offer. Hope he gets one too 🙂

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