Lucas Martínez Quarta scores, reaches two goals with Fiorentina this season


Lucas Martínez Quarta scored as he reached two goals with Fiorentina this season.

Martínez Quarta has scored for the second consecutive match for Fiorentina. After having scored in Fiorentina’s 3-2 win vs. Atalanta, the Argentine scored in their 2-0 win vs. Udinese.

The Argentine made a run into midfield and a pass found him inside the penalty area as he controlled it and struck it beyond the goalkeeper to give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead. The 27 year old defender has now started Fiorentina’s last two games in the league.


  1. Exequiel Palacios with a brace of assists against FC Heidenheim. 🎁🎁🪄

    His performance today:

    🎯 Accurate passes: 99/108 (92%)
    🔑 Chances created: 3
    🎯 Passes into final third: 18
    🎯 Accurate long balls: 4/5 (80%)
    ⚔️ Tackles won: 3/3 (100%)
    🛡️ Defensive actions: 10
    🔄 Recoveries: 8

    • He is ready to take over DePaul for the starting spot. However, his injury record is very underwhelming!

      Little early but 2026 could see this lineup starting.

      MacAllister Palacios Enzo
      LB— Licha— Romero— Molina

    • His talent has never been in question but rather his injury record, those constant little injuries that hampered his progress. If he stays fit he could really live up to his potential, here is hoping!
      Soule, Barranechea, Varela are all starting (and doing well) for their clubs, not to mention that Maximo Perrone is getting more and more minutes, so it’s looking good for the next gen thus far. My only concern is Luka Romero, that kid is way too good to be rotting on the benches of Lazio and Milan, hope he gets a loan move in the Jan transfer window, maybe join Soule and Barranechea at Frosinone.
      Lastly I need to give a shot out to Robertone, Montiel and Nico Dominguez. The former is doing remarkably well for a team headed to relegation while the latter 2 did really well for Forrest despite their lose.
      Robertone and Dominguez really deserve a call up.

  2. You guys need to see two great assist made by palacios and MacAllister I don’t know which one to choose but both was great. Palacios is really cooking under alonso
    Today he made two assists especially the second one was great

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