Lionel Scaloni on playing Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez together, the injuries


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Wednesday about the possibility of both Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez playing together.

Lionel Scaloni had commented on Lionel Messi and if he will start for Argentina against Paraguay on Thursday but Scaloni was also asked about Alvarez and Martinez. Here is what he had to say:

“The nine’s have played together, in the previous press conference they told me they didn’t but they have played together from the start. I am open to many things, it will depend on the match and if we have think that they have to play together.
“It would not be an inconvenience, they are both nines but they are different and can play together. First, we are going to see what is best for the match and we will decide based on that.”

Scaloni was also asked about Alexis McAllister and Enzo Fernández:

“I don’t know if they will both play or if we will alternate. There’s also Leandro (Paredes) and Guido (Rodríguez). They can both play the same position. Both can gie us things, against Ecuador we started in one way and changed it. It can be positive for us.”

The coach also discussed the injuries in the team:

“We know that they are important losses but we know that those who come will try to do their best and that they are worthy players, who will try to earn their place. That is what we are looking for from them, that those who came because of injuries want to play and stay.”

He was also asked about Marcos Acuña and Gio Lo Celso:

“Acuña is coming from an injury, he played half in the last match and he is in conditions to be part of the call up and to play. We will evaluate if he will start or not because he has very few minutes under his belt, as well as Lo Celso who we value a lot. But he is also coming from an injury. We are not in favor of forcing them.”


  1. I was correct when I wrote in a few blogs back that we will most likely have to play both lauturo and Alvarez together at some point.
    This should be the start next game if I had the decision:

    Nico G- Lauturo – Messi
    Macalister- Guido Rod- -Depaul
    Acuna- otamendi-romero- Molina

    Then make changes accordingly. Alvarez and Fernandez will come in at some point, while Nico will be relieved by Garnacho. I think Alvarez can be subbed in for Messi.

  2. I believe that like his predecessors Scaloni is about to destroy someone career in the NT. The same thing for Messi and Dybala, Crespo and Batistuta, Aguero and Higuain. These are valuable players that could easily adapt. With an aging Messi, I think it’s time for Scaloni to try other things. Alvarez can play anywhere in front, I don’t see why we can’t put him alongside Martinez. Martinez has been struggling with the NT but is phenomenal with inter. Bench him will take a toll on his confidence. He needs goals for NT to boost his mental…. I will be very upset to see one of those on the bench.

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