Lionel Scaloni comments on Lucas Esquivel, Sergio Romero, Argentina team


Lionel Scaloni held a press conference on Wednesday and he was asked about Lucas Esquivel, Sergio Romero and the Argentina team.

Scaloni had commented on if Lionel Messi will start for Argentina against Paraguay while also discussing the possibility of Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez starting together. In the same press conference, Scaloni was asked about 21 year old left back Lucas Esquivel. Here is what he had to say:

“Esquivel us a kid that we value, training more with us because it is a position that, with Huevo’s injury (Acuña) in the previous call up, he could be just right and we are interested in seeing him. He is the one we are looking at so that he can be part of the national team. Farías has not trained with us, he goes with Masche, but he has a huge future.”

In regards to Sergio Romero:

“I already answered about Chiquito and after that, he kept saving well. There is no doubt that he is at a good level, I am not anyone to say otherwise. Everybody appreciates him at the facilities, besides, he is a spectacular kid.

“He helped us a lot at the beginning of our cycle, the doors are open. Today, we believed that the boys who are here are doing well. If at any moment they give us reasons to change, we know that the doors are open.”

About the Argentina national team:

“Beyond results, beyond continuing to win, it is time to continue with the way we play, with the way we see football. Today we are getting everything in front of us but the wind can change.

“That is where we need to be as we are now, which is the idea. Logically, we have to take advantage of the moment, especially to bring in youngsters who can see how the older players train, to see our idea of the game.

“We have to take advantage so that everything stays the same. At the end of the day, the national team is there so that everyone can contribute their bit.”

Players from the U23 team being called up:

“Everyone knows that if the U23 team makes a call up, many times, the clubs do not send them because they think they are not worth it. So sometimes we make the call ups for the senior team and we put them there so they can be sent.”

And the match against Paraguay:

“I don’t know how Paraguay are preparing for the match, it could be with three center backs, with Junior Alonso on the left. We analyze how the team plays and we take our precautions. But the first idea is to play our game and we will think about the match based on what we want to do. We have players who can do different things and that’s what the match is all about.”


  1. Why don’t journalists ask Scaloni about his substitutions? The guy is always very late with bringing on fresh legs. Just check all recent march chats. Almost everyone here wonders why he waits so long.

    • so what? if the team working fine why to make changes? we lost any game by that?
      the team don t perform well?
      Coach watching the game and judge when he will make the needed changes (if needed).
      So i don t wonder at all and if people complain about that it means that they don t have something to say and try find something to say just only to say something.

      • I agree with you and him Cox. Matches have been fine. But if we are playing a friendly or qualifier and we are doing fine comfortably then we should try out different players. Thats Richards concern I think

        • Exactly. Scaloni deserves credit for calling up youngsters, but how to integrate if they only get a few minutes? After next Copa there will be 3 or positions to fill.

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