Mario Kempes speaks on Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez comparison


Mario Kempes spoke about the comparison between Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez.

Kempes was part of the 1978 Argentina national team which won the World Cup where he scored six goals. Speaking to TyC Sports, here is what he had to say when asked about Lautaro and Julián:

“Lautaro Martínez scores a lot of goals, Julián Álvarez, on top of scoring, is very annoying for the defenders.

“The truth is that we are not going to enter once more into the controversy of Batistuta and Crespo like we did with other coaches. Julian and Lautaro are two great number nines, great players.

“What happened is that Lautaro had that slump at the start of the World Cup in Qatar and then Julián came in and changes things a lot.

Lautaro showed at Inter that he is once again that nine that stood out in the national “team and scored many goals.

“But when it comes to analyzing the two, it must be said that besides scoring often, Julián is very annoying because he not only gets to the goal but he als oruns at rival defenders and scores. And in that aspect, they are very different.”

The World Cup winner also gave another interview, this time with DirectTVSports Argentina where he was asked about Julián Álvarez playing with Argentina and Manchester City:

“The impact that this kid has had is that he has truly shut the mouths of many who said: “Well, he comes from River, he’s a goal scorer and a great player but in England it is totally different.”

“He arrives in England, triumphs and shuts the mouths of those who did not believe in him. He comes in at the World Cup, performs, scores goals and gets along perfectly with Messi. He comes on as a substitute and scores goals, he starts and is the best on the pitch.”


  1. I was thinking, for the 2030 World Cup, instead of starting the World Cup in South America, why not end it there? It is the 100th Anniversary after all.

    Semi Final 1 – in Paraguay
    Semi Final 2 – in Argentina or Uruguay
    Final – in Uruguay or Argentina

  2. My prediction is Argentina 4-0 Paraguay. This sould be a very easy game for us, and I hope Garnacho can score one of the goals – this kid is pure magical!

  3. Personally I don’t think double 9 is work .Actually the whole team is builded around messi .without messi you need wingers rather than striker .


    • Ya, double 9 probably won’t work but this is the perfect chance to try.
      Before the 2024 we need to choose one as the default starter so that he stays confident. We don’t need the Batistuta-Crespo problem again.
      I think Julian is a slightly better player but Lautaro is holding down the starting 9 for his side.

  4. Julian, Lautaro and Nico are our most in-form players right now. I’m just interested in seeing how the team plays without the Boss again. Messi is my favorite player but I want to see new cycle with less of him. Because depending on Messi and Di Maria in their late 30s might be suicidal and hinder progress for 2024 and 2026 tournaments.

    • We have the perfect replacement for Messi with Dybala. Is he injured? If not, it’s telling that Scaloni doesn’t start him. Dybala has had such a disappointing career considering his talent.

  5. Julian Alvarez is proving this season at City that he can play with a no-9 in a false -9 position similar to Messi! Barring any injuries these two and Nico could be our front three in the next world cup. However if Garnacho keeps improving at the same rate then he could move Nico on the right wing and play as a Left winger , Julian centrally and Lautaro upfront! But that will require two holding mids!

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