Argentina starting eleven, Lionel Messi on the bench, Lautaro and Álvarez start


The Argentina starting eleven has been announced and Lionel Messi is on the bench as Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez start.

Lionel Messi will start the match for Argentina vs. Paraguay on the bench but is expected to play in the second half. Lionel Scaloni has named the following starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Nicolás González; Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez.


  1. So many foolish comments about Nico Gonzalez

    I am also frustrated at Scaloni’s favouritism of certain players like him, and continuously complained about his repeated selection during the last Copa America where he kept missing chance after chance.

    But calling him a fraud is pure stupidity. You people should watch more football. He is a brilliant player. He DOES play a for a top European club – Fiorentina, who play some of the most beautiful football in Europe, and is considered their talisman. And he has been on fire this season for his club, as he was in the last. His status keeps improving. He was given the number 10 jersey and made pretty much the center of their attack this season.

    He just had a bad game today. It does not undo all the work he has done for the past couple of years.

    Scaloni’s often biased team selection and nonsensical substitution tactics have always been questionable, and nearly cost us the world cup. So yeah, why a player having clearly a bad day was not subbed off earlier is more concerning than one player having a bad game.

    • I completely agree. Calling him a fraud shows complete disrespect to Scaloni. Apart from Dimaria, I believe Nico is better at pressing than likes of Correa, dybala. The only disappointing thing was his crossing.

  2. ,Nico Gonzalez was disappointing in the first half but I won’t call him a fraud. He is 3 times better than Ocampos. In the second half he was much better. The left back is a crisis , Scaloni should start integrating player like Valentin barco

  3. MacAllister plays like Xavi.
    Julian is as important as Leo.
    Nico is a not national team material. Even MLS would detect this fraud.

  4. Fans reaction when Alvarez got subbed tells it all. Scaloni should have taken out Nico Gonzalez or Lautaro Martinez. Alvarez injects pace in the game and now Paraguay looks threatening.

    • Taglafico played well, the commentor on my stream was speaking well of him too. Also last game he played he was moat excellent. Tagalfico is excellent. He isnt very offensice but he more than makes up for it on his defensive ability. We need youth to be tested rhough as both tagla and acuña are veterans at this point.

  5. Electrifying 1st half..
    Pass fluidity awesome..
    Everybody dying for NT jersey ,, one man looking odd in the squad is Nico. He is trying his best but not effective in the left wing.. we should try him in the right flank for 2nd half and substitute him after 55min.. Messi/ Garnacho IN

  6. This is one of the best 45 mins, we played. Could be more clinical.

    Nico was not good at all. So much space, so much time and he keeps missing it. Rest all are great.

    I agree with @karl. The people running the clubs know better than us here. No matter how much we like some of our players, there are reasons why top teams won’t take some.

  7. Nico Gonzalez should be doing better than this. But I do rather have him than Ocampos. Perhaps Scaloni should start calling likes of Soule, Gianluca prestianni, Valentin barco to create competition for spots for both RW and LW/LWB. Complacency should be discouraged at all costs.

  8. Good first half, nico gonzalez can’t play left side he should play right side that is where he is good at cutting inside, as left side no good at all .

  9. The team played a great first half except one player.
    Nico Gonzalez gets acres of space and wastes it each time and again and again.
    Take him off and give Garnacho a chance.
    It must be so frustrating for Lautaro and Julian that every time Nico tries to pass it he hits an opponent. Terrible performance by him.

    • I always have a theory that there must be a reason why a player can’t be offered by top European clubs. The reason for Nico is clear, he is not that good and reliable.

  10. Julian and DePaul play even better than their WC performance. If DePaul continues to play at this level, he is going up to our top 10 midfielders of all time.

    My Garnacho could have scored hat trick by first half if he played in Nico’s position.

  11. Dunno why but i m liking how they are playing till now… Yea they can be more clinical but the intensity is there. I like fast playing approach of this team… Havent seen this kinda pace when Messi is included though. Messi is untouchable but i think there is life after him in this team. VAMOS.

  12. Nico is in headless chicken mode. One of the reasons he can’t join the top teams in Europe. Too sloppy.

    I want to see Garnacho play his position in 2nd half.

  13. Top Argentina players during the Messi era from 2010-2022? Messi played the 2007 Copa but I consider that the Riquelme era.

    Contribution to Argentina:
    Di Maria
    De Paul

    Individual Talent:
    Di Maria (suppose most would put him lower)
    Lavezzi (hugely underrated in contribution and talent)

    Other notables:
    Biglia (big roles in world cup 2014 and Copa America runs)
    Enzo Pérez (another underrated mid)
    Enzo Fernández
    Pastore (huge talent, most disappointing)
    Sergio Romero

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