Lionel Messi comments on Sanabria spitting incident during Argentina match


Lionel Messi commented on a spitting incident involving Paraguayan player Sanabria during Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match.

Messi did not start for Argentina against Paraguay in Thursday’s World Cup qualifier but he did come on as a substitute. There was an incident where he was shown speaking with Sanabaria and as Messi turned, a camera caught Sanabria spitting in Messi’s direction.

This has caused a lot of controversy and Messi spoke about the incident after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“Sanabria? They told me in the locker room that someone spat on me. The truth is that I don’t even know who that boy is. I prefer not to talk, otherwise he’s going to go out and talk everywhere and will be known.”

The Paraguayan Sanabria has come out and stated that he did not spit at Messi and that the camera angle made it look closer than it was.


  1. Jefe, something up with the site security it seems, I also get malware, trojans, weird website redirects, etc. Had to go an extra mile just to safely access the site now.

  2. I kind of see why Scaloni is persisting with Nico Gonzalez. Yes, his first half was not very impressive. Even though he could get in the box easily multiple times, thanks to his very good positioning and blistering pace but his decision making failed him. He held on to the ball a bit more than necessary and ran extra yard instead of delivering the ball in the box.

    Second half was good, he had some good shots at the goal but Paraguay was equally good. Also, last match he scored a very good goal. He reminds me of MacAllister when he was first brought in, he also frustrated many of us. Once Nico gets into rhythm and replicates his club form he will be unstoppable. I would not be a bit surprised if he starts again in the next match.

    • Also , shout out to our midfield and defense, even for one second they didn’t display any uneasyness against Paraguayan attack. The scoreline doesn’t say absolutely nothing about how we controled the match!

    • But i think with nico Julian and lautaro at the same time means the opposition defense will be at their toes. Yes with nico the attack is not that strong but he will track back and try to steal it when ever it’s possible. Look at the pressing in the first half and it’s relentless. I am sure no national team has a winger like nico who can track back and press like this. He is not doing that much in Fiorentina but he is giving all for the NT. And that is good. He can improve. We don’t have much in the left wing. Also unlike our other forwards he is great in the air and in headers. That is a plus.

    • Spot on, Nico is good at defending, pressing, safe passer in NT (close to 90% accuracy) monster in the air with good off the ball moves and speed, only the last moments are missing.

      He is the new Macallister, here the most hated person but we see Mac now (easily TOP10 midfielder itw).

      Nico will create a lot of chances for us in the future too, yesterday the Tagliafico Nico connection was the best in the team. (Taglia with some great passes, thats new for me, but seems he is capable of it)

    • Yes! Nico runs, presses, gets into great positions, as long as he is fit he should play. For Fiorentina he plays on the right but I think more importantly he has to loosen up a bit when getting into a position to score, it seems like the NT shirt makes him a bit nervous in the decisive moments. For his club he scores more often.

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