Mauro Icardi scores twice, reaches 10 goals in nine matches for Galatasaray


Mauro Icardi scored twice as he reached 10 goals in nine matches for Galatasaray.

Icardi cannot stop scoring. The Argentine scored both goals in their 2-1 win vs. Besiktas.

He would give Galatasaray the 1-0 lead after receiving the ball on the edge of the penalty area, fighting two Besiktas defenders and scoring the first goal of the match. Besiktas would draw level but Icardi had one more goal in him.

Galatasaray were awarded a penalty kick and it was the 30 year who would take it and scored to give them the 2-1 lead and the win.


    • Apart from garnacho and Nico I doubt if there is sufficient depth on the wings. Forget about Dimaria and Ocampos they are aging. The wing position need young athletic players. I believe Soule, Garnacho and Nico Gonzalez are the only realistic options. Gianluca prestianni would be a wonderful addition.

      • zeballos from boca is a promising winger but always injuried ,21yrs this year suffer injuries three time . last week rupture his ACL ligament in right knee and will miss for six months.
        this guy has great potential but not healthy at all .

        prestianni is another winger or pablo solari (river plate) actually argentina didnt have enough young wingers. Soule I THINK is the best one .so for next world cup we should rely on ocampos, gonzalez with soule,garnacho as back up .hopefully zeballos can recover asap

        • With his injury history his case is almost done. Unless he makes a drastic switch to Europe. Meanwhile Almada should likewise make a switch to Europe. Otherwise he continuation in MLS will make a mockery of Scaloni decision to pick him in previous matches.

      • I like that list Asaph Mark maybe sometime we add Luka Romero to it..
        But for me Nico Garnacho and Soule are doing great right now.
        I don’t understand those who say Nico is not NT Material he is doing great in Offense and Defense.
        Haven’t seen much from Garnacho I have to admit but I have heard good things about him… But I’m looking closely at Soule… He is amazing and for once a guy with some height👍👍

        • Luka Romero is a big No for me 😂😂😂. I have a feeling sometimes he runs aimlessly with no end product. Garnacho is miles better than Luka Romero. As for Gianluca prestianni he looks the most promising alongside Soule. The only question is if he will have fully developed his skill sets by the time Scaloni summons him.

  1. He is only 30 years old and is playing like he is on a mission. He will be invisible for the most part but out of the blue will score goals. I am glad he didn’t go to Saudi, as there are many good clubs looking for a striker. I wonder how many goals he would score had he played for City as his game is very similar to Haaland! If he can drag Galatasaray to the second round of Champions league, Poch and Chelsea might make a move for him.

    • Sadly No for me. His pace has declined but his finishing is superb. Having been a supporter of both Chelsea and Argentina for over 25 years, I have mixed feelings about Icardi. Lautaro or Osimhem would be better profile.

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