Argentina to play Uruguay at La Bombonera in the World Cup qualifiers


Argentina will play Uruguay at La Bombonera in the World Cup qualifiers.

The World champions will be back at La Bombonera next month. With November’s World Cup qualifying match initially set to take place at the Monumental, there were rumors that it could be changed to Córdoba but that venue was ruled out.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will instead host Uruguay on November 16 at La Bombonera.


  1. Each match would have its own challenge. Uruguay is trying to turn it around under Bielsa. The second goal against Brazil shows that Bielsa has been able to build an engaged team. And Brazil in Maracana would never be easy. They might not be looking good as a team but it would be foolish to ignore the individual brilliance they bring to the field. The freekick against Uruguay that hit the bar was a classic example.

    • Agreed. I don’t care what anyone says… But any Brazilian team is potentially top five teams in the world at any given time. We can hate them all they want, but like us they always have their own class and style of football

  2. PSG and Ligue1 are enduring a huge loss after Messi’s exit. In 2021 , when Messi signed for PSG, Ligue1 was able to sell it TV rights to Amazon prime and Canal+ , a local french TV for £600 million. However after Messi left last season Amazon prime and Canal+ refused to renew their contract and Ligue1 received zero bids for their TV rights. PSG’S obsession with Mbappe not only destroyed the club but also the whole league itself. The way they isolated Messi on the field in the first season thanks to Mbappe hogging the every ball and Hakimi s$ucking his $ick and making Leo look like a nobody and in second season how Mbappe and his team used ultras to boo Messi & Neymar to force them out of the club, they are paying a huge price for it. PSG isn’t winning anything and the toxic boy Mbappe will leave for Madrid where he will go through a real test in his career & hope he fails miserably. PSG & Ligue 1 will get a huge reality check after that! They are and will be below Dutch and Portuguese leagues. 😅😆🤣😁

  3. Love this, what I was hoping for.exactly where the next match needs to be.. feel the Arg fans pressure up close.. I think the match against Uruguay is going to me much more of a challenge than Brazil this year. Considering all the drama Brazil is having right now and losing Neymar for few long months

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