Argentina national team announced for November World Cup qualifiers vs. Uruguay, Brazil


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced his team for the two World Cup qualifying matches against Uruguay and Brazil.

The World champions will be playing their first of two World Cup qualifying matches on November 16 against Uruguay with the second match on November 21 against Brazil.

Lionel Scaloni has called up 28 players for the World Cup qualifiers with Paulo Dybala and Giovani Lo Celso returning to the team. Pablo Maffeo, who is born in Barcelona to an Argentine mother, is called up to the Argentina national team for the first time as is Francisco Ortgega of Olympiacos.

Alejandro Garnacho of Manchester United and Thiago Almada of Atlanta United are not part of the team. Almada is with the Argentina U23 team for their friendly matches against Japan. Here are the players that Scaloni has picked for the two matches in November:

Emiliano Martínez (Aston Villa)
Franco Armani (River Plate)
Juan Musso (Atalanta)
Walter Benitez (PSV)

Gonzalo Montiel (Nottingham Forest)
Pablo Maffeo (RCD Mallorca)
Nahuel Molina (Atletico Madrid)
Germán Pezzella (Real Betis)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Lucas Martínez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Nicolás Otamendi (Benfica)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla)
Francisco Ortega (Olympiacos)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Lyon)

Leandro Paredes (AS Roma)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis)
Enzo Fernández (Chelsea)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alexis Mac Allister (Liverpool)

Paulo Dybala (AS Roma)
Ángel Di María (Benfica)
Lionel Messi (Inter Miami)
Julián Álvarez (Manchester City)
Lautaro Martínez (Inter)
Nicolás González (Fiorentina)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)


  1. Some people in the group pretend to have more knowledge about football then the world cup winning coach of Argentina….living in fools paradise….

  2. You don’t understand what we are saying. We are talking about intergrating young players into the main team. Don’t tell me you are super excited about list especially new fullbacks from mediocre league.

    The disrespect you showed to Soule is a disgrace. Infact Juventus are desperate to have him back next year. Why do you think Italy NT is desperate to include him.
    You are ignoring the fact that Nico Gonzalez is the only natural winger in the team. Dimaria stated he is retiring past Copa 2024, 2026 he will be 36.

    And who told you that come 2026 that front 3 will be Nico , Alvarez and Lautaro. You remember 2 years ago when DePaul,Paredes and Locelso were preferred trio. But what happened there came Enzo, McAlister.

    Should likes of Prestianni, Echeverri, Nico Paz, Alejo Veliz, Valentin barco develop their skill sets by then, the scenario will be completely different. And that’s why we are raising the alarm incase doesn’t have plans Scaloni to include such players as time goes by.

    • Prestianni is a midget. Echeverri, Nico, Alejo, and Valentin are not wingers. Alejo has potential along with Valentin, and I mentioned below Barco will be in the NT. The others you mentioned cannot even get starting time with their own clubs. Why do you think that is? Who is Soule going to replace? Julian Alvarez? Depaul?
      If you follow Scaloni, one thing he ABSOLUTELY says is you must have time with your club as a starter to be considered. Simple as that. I will gladly eat my words if any of these guys become anything other than Barco and Veliz. I like Echeverri, but he is a child, nowhere near NT material at the moment.
      Italy is desperate for anybody. They can’t win shit. They haven’t qualified the last two world cups. Desperate times seek desperate measures for them. Thats why they will go after our next “great hopes” also, the Carboni brothers. Give me a break.

      • The very disrespect in your statement is an act of disgrace. Why should Soule replace DePaul, Alvarez yet they don’t play same position? That’s a dumb argument. Soule, Valentin barco, Garnacho are all starter. Then you called Prestianni a midget future Benfica players because of height/ stature. I bet you also called Messi a midget in his early days. Italy is a top team only that it’s a sleeping giant, let’s not show disrespect to a team that won 4 world cup. Furthermore Italy is where majority of Argentina have gained exposure in European football. And by the way we are not supposed to be debating about another NT, but kindly show abit of class and stop being cocky for once!

  3. I will also say this for ALL the Soule, and Garnacho lovers out there. These guys are young, and have potential. But right now, they are MEDIOCRE, below average players. Garnacho can’t even start on a lousy Man U team. Soule wasn’t even good enough to earn minutes at Juventus, so they sent him to a nothing team. If these guys were stars like EVERYBODY here thinks they are, then they would get regular minutes as starters on respectable teams.

    This is the age of social media. Some fanboy makes a 3 minute highlight real of these two guys and people drool over them. They are not world class players deserving of even a call up on a team that is loaded top to bottom.

    • First of all when defining a young player is anyone who is between 17-22/23 in my books. Therefore any player above 24 being called young player is a joke, I saw someone calling like of DePaul, paredes and Lautaro Martinez as Young players 😂😂😂.
      That’s a joke gone too far.

      Secondly Nobody is lamenting on Garnacho exclusion; he ain’t performing well of late, stop making things up.
      As for Soule that’s a different case all together and calling him mediocre over Ocampos is a big joke.Why do you think Italy NT is desperate for him? Right now the wing depth for the NT is shallow. Dimaria will be retired past Copa, Messi hasn’t been playing as winger for long time. Only Nico Gonzalez the only natural winger.
      In addition Valentin barco, Facundo Medina deserves over some of the players. Scaloni has been one of the best coach but even the best coaches do big mistake. Likes of Pezella, Armani, Ocampos are big No.

      You forgot what happened to the likes of Spain and Germany
      if Argentina wants to replicate form France performance in consecutive world cups, inclusion of TOP Young players will be key. If France stuck with old squad of likes Kante, Pogba, Matuildi the team would have lacked energy in terms of pressing.

      Therefore stop Generalizing. We are raising alarm bells because there is danger ahead!

  4. We should not lament non-inclusion of Garnacho. He has done nothing significant for long for Manchester United, leave aside the national team. But why not Buonanotte in place of Ocampos? He was just given half a match or little more. Same with Medina. Isn’t Scaloni trying too many options out? May be he has some vision in mind. However, he would be tested in the post-Messi era. As long as Messi is in the team, he can do experiments.

    • As for Garnacho the boy needs to step up. Bounanonte is big No he rarely gets game time even most of the time he ain’t been included in bench.
      But Scaloni should address the wing department that’s where the big problem lies. Only Nico Gonzalez is the only Natural winger. That’s a red flag considering Messi stopped playing wingers years ago and his age won’t allow. Dimaria stated he will be retiring after Copa. 2.5 years is not very far.

      He needs also to bring alongside top young players.Likes of Matias Soule, Valentin barco, Gianluca prestianni, Exequiel Fernandez, Alan Varela and Nico Paz should start being intergrated.

  5. So Scaloni can’t give chance to Medina because of Pezella and please don’t tell me because he plays LB. Facundo Medina in my books fits better as CB. My heart aches when I see likes of Pezella, Ocampos and Armani. On top of that likes of Dimaria, Otamedi, Acuna, Tagliafico, Pezella, Armani, Ocampos,Guido Rodriguez, Paulo Dybala and probably Paredes will have to be replaced at some point considering their age and level of performance. That gives a deficient of 10 players. I Don’t understand why he is reluctant to address idea of inclusion of top young players like Matias Soule, Valentin barco, Gianluca prestianni, Equi Fernandez, Varela, Nico Paz, at early stage. 2026 ain’t that far although some are in denial. I believe there better players than those new players who have been sneaked in. Valentin barco is miles better.

  6. If I discussed about Scaloni’s selection process, then I would like to say that we’re lucky enough to win the copa and world cup. I mean, he would not select Emi Martinez, Cuti Romero and Enzo if there weren’t injured problem.

  7. People need to f’ing RELAX. I am stunned at the Scaloni hate here. What the hell is wrong with you people? The man has won EVERY trophy there is. He is testing players. The fact is, Garnacho is not even good enough to start on Man U. Does he have potential, yes. Is he Nico or DiMaria, nowhere near their class at the moment.
    Now Soule. He is a nice young prospect, but Juventus shipped his ass out and he plays for a team that’s named after a frozen lemonade. Three or four good games doesn’t mean he is any good. Does he have potential, Yes. Does he belong on the team right at this moment, no. We have a lot of young, promising players, but this does not mean shit. I can name hundreds of players with promise that never panned out to anything. Scaloni is testing. I am sure some of your favorites will make the team, but most won’t. If they go to other teams, who gives a shit. This is Argentina, this is not fucking Peru or Latvia. In a country that produces thousands of players, only the top half a percent even get a sniff for the NT. Let Scaloni do his thing. The only guy that has me scratching my head is Ocampos. But I won’t even question that until the product on the field gets worse, and I don’t think it will anytime soon. So relax, and be happy we have competent leadership for once.

    • There is no hate for Scaloni. We are all happy with him. Hpwever, nobody is faultness. With Scaloni sticking to “never change a winning team”, Argentina misses the opportunity to give youngsters a chance to get acquinted with the NT.

    • There is no hate for Scaloni here. We are just raising genuine concerns. It’s high time he makes bold decisions and start intergrating young players (21 and below) performaning well.

      • I’ll answer both of you here. So why should he include a 21 year old who has had almost zero impact on an important team? What Garnacho? How many goals has that shit for brains scored? Other than being all show lately and no goal? And what about Soule? Plays for a team that River Plate could beat? Or what about Nico Paz? Who’s played 3 damn league games and is rotting on the bench? If people were saying Balerdi or Nehuen Perez or someone like Medina ok, maybe. But these “up and coming stars” are NO WHERE near being great. The only guy I can think of that deserves a sniff on the NT that isn’t on there is Valentin Barco. The rest of these guys have bigger YouTube fame than their game. And if they want to leave, let them go to another country. Truth is our midfield is set in the next WC, we may need one replacement on defense and that’ll most likely be Valentin Barco, and who knows if Messi plays or not but if he doesn’t I’d expect a front line of Nico Lautaro and Julian. Everything else is sub minutes and all our guys will be under 30 unless Messi plays.

  8. Scaloni is not only very conservative with substitutions but also with youngsters. By not giving youngsters a chance, he is blocking progress and the necessary transition to a new generation. Six to eight players will retire before next WC.

  9. We have some local contributors here, from Argentina. Can anyone please explain what is the deal with Armani? There has to be a reason.

    We did get lucky during the world cup a little. I doubt Emi or Romero would get included if not for injury. Based on some selections it does seem that we got lucky with a few selections. Even Enzo because Lo Celso got injured.

  10. Disappointing list. Only 2.5 years for the next WC. Many a World champs failed to dominate football after winning the cup was because of unwarranted loyalty and brotherhood and sticking to the same group. In contrast, France pumped in many young players and brought in new players, which hurt them in the short run when they struggled at the Euros but they nearly won the world cup again.
    How and why the likes of Armani, Montiel, Acuna, Pazella!!?? and a few others make the list if baffling.

  11. Varela,Nico paz, Soule these player will be included after copa. I am sure about it. Most importantly nico paz is a absolute talent. I like him more than Soule

  12. What the fuck…
    What Scaloni want ?
    Why not Matias Sule ???????
    Have any reason for not selecting Sule
    This is very harsh
    Sule is a very interesting talent.we can not let them to join Italy

    Scaloni plz wake up…
    Give this boy a chance

      • with the new qualifying quota ,I don’t think argentina won’t qualify despite losing to Brazil and uruguay .not to mention ,scaloni bring 4 GK which doesn’t make sense . I would prefer Soule rather than Amani

  13. Why scaloni cant select any young lads and build team,if he want to be a great coach he has to develope next gen talents and test them against the best brazil and Uruguay are the best we can get. But he is so so afraid to let his old guys go i am sure those players themselves will be very very surprised🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Garnacho, paz and the most deserving ones matias soule and catilos

  14. I read thru all the posts, I want to respond to everyone…
    I believe in Scaloni. For obvious reasons. But HE ACTUALLY HAS been calling up young players and players from many leagues for the first rounds of qualifiers. Most coaches would actually hold on as long as possible but Scaloni has began the transition.
    Also, we need to milk this cow as long as possible. We have a great team…the world cup champion team. u guys are worried about 2026, we have to worry about this month first. And then the copa. You can’t overhaul a team in a few months!!!!!
    I believe in Scaloni. He has given me the best 3 years of my soccer life.

    • Scaloni always ignores talent and form. I think you must remembered Emiliano Martinez and Cristian Romero selected due to injuries of other players. Ignoring players like Matias Soule, garnacho, Alan verela is not acceptable. Also why not valentino barco selected, if he’s playing for any other country he would’ve been in the team…France select 17 year old emery, Brazil select 17 year old endrick so why can’t Argentina select his own 17 or 18 year old…

  15. SCALONI needs to understand that he can’t stick to this team for so long. SCALONI has to clarify on basis of what he is selecting players like ARMANI, PEZZELLA, GIOVANNI. On the other hand some real performers are getting overlooked. Some people may get angry but we won world cup because of our team cohesion rather than his tactics. Netherlands and France matches were prime example of that. Our mental grit was great throughout the tournament. His best defender PEZZELLA almost cost us THE WORLD CUP. Inspite of being a senior player his contribution was 0. Still he is playing and some great performers are not getting selected. SCALONI don’t get carried away with the best coach award. Be flexible like the French coach and don’t hesitate to exclude some of your favourite old shitty players. COPA is round the corner and WORLD CUP is not very far either. VAMOS ARGENTINA

  16. Very Very disappointed team Selection again by scaloni with no Matias Soule and garnacho….
    Typical scaloni not giving chances to deserving players.
    How can a coach select team with three left back and three right back ?

    • That is exactly what I have said, six full backs a long with Ocampos, Dybala, Armani acuna not been fully fit
      It’s head scratching not happy at all so disappointed He should have called Garnacho, soule even though Garnacho is out of form but still I will take ahead of Ocampos.

  17. What the hell is Scaloni upto. I hope Sampaoli spirit doesn’t possess him. If Pezella was injured why not pick Medina instead. If Scaloni keeps on ignoring Matias Soule, the boy will be free to join Italy. Lastly this habit of sneaking in Armani as 4th goalkeeper is becoming annoying.

  18. If Soule firmly reject Italy then it is alright not to select him this time since we have di Maria. Once di Maria retires next year you don’t have excuse not to select Soule .

    But 4 goalkeepers and several injuried players still selected that is unacceptable. I would prefer a healthy Perez rather than injuried Pezella.

  19. actually a healthy N Perez is better than an injuries Pezzella .Not to say 4 goalkeepers for two matches .it isn’t friendly match .If you are thinking about 4 goalkeepers why not put in your father or son as the last quota .logically That’s the same

  20. I would say it is the teamwork bring would cup home not specific one or two coaches or players. They are not 100% right in making decision .

    It doesnt make sense to bring 4 goalkeepers for two matches .

  21. Ocampos, always on the list just so Scaloni can rounded the squad to 28 players as quickly as possible.

    Garnacho doing some aimless runs would cause more trouble to Uruguay & Brazil than Ocampos.

  22. Emi
    Molina romero otamendi tagliafico
    Enzo palacios mac alister
    Messi alvarez di maria ..
    soule,valera,perrone,valentin barco, garnacho,echevierri, ballerdi …. Still more to come

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