Lionel Messi presents his Ballon d’Or to Inter Miami in Noche D’Or


Lionel Messi presented his Ballon d’Or to Inter Miami fans in their Noche d’Or and Mundo Albiceleste was in attendance.

Messi walked out and presented his eighth Ballon d’Or award at DRV PNK stadium in front of the Inter Miami fans prior to their match against New York FC. The fans gave him a standing ovation and the Best player in the world even gave a speech.

The World Cup winner thanked the fans for their support and how they will go to win more trophies. While the match ended in a 2-1 win for New York FC, it was all about Messi.


  1. when you look at each transfer window ,how many local argentian sold abroad, then you will know why there is a big gap between argentina and Europe U20

    Infact in the past 10years more and more African sold to Europe. but argentian is different, they are sold to farmer league instead . That makes our local football club hardly invest in local teenager .Those big clubs like Boca ,Riverplate may not have problem but the rest may face great financial burden. No money no talk ,that’s why scaloni trying to focus on overseas argentian teenagers .

    To cope with ,I think our local football club should focus on teenagers rather than result .If you look at the local league ,not too many u20 teenagers can firmly enter starting line up .In stead most of them are struggling in club team B . I would suggest AFA should amend the rules in which football clubs should give more chance to u20 player .

    • Even those big clubs like River plates I see young players like echeverri, Pablo Solari not getting chances. And by the way when I say young players I mean players 21 and below. Any player above 22 is no longer young in my books.

  2. I thought the success of the national team will inspire young generations of footballers in Argentina. Instead it’s the opposite. What the heck is happening with the youth teams?! Get your act together AFA, and higher competent managers for youth level.

  3. I like scaloni and co a lot , I was thier biggest support since the day they come the office up to now , but he needs to stop to be loyal for some undeserved players.
    No one can tell me that , Armani, montiel, acuna, Pezzella even Dybala deserves to be in the nt right now.

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