Argentina U17 lose 2-1 vs. Senegal U17 at World Cup


The Argentina U17 team lost 2-1 vs. Senegal in their first match at the U17 World Cup.

Diego Placente’s team did not have the best of starts in Indonesia. Argentina goalkeeper Froilán Gabriel Díaz made an early save, 25 seconds into the match but would let in an early goal.

An effort by Amara Diouf from the edge of the penalty area gave Senegal the 1-0 lead. Argentina would not create much and would give the ball away for Senegal’s second goal of the match.

It was a giveaway by Argentina and the ball would fall to Amara. He would try to play a pass but it would get blocked by Argentina and he would get the rebound and score.

Argentina would get their goal off a free kick. The referee gave eight minutes of added time and Argentina were awarded a penalty kick with Agustin Fabian Ruberto taking it and scoring.

This was the starting eleven for Argentina:

F. G. Diaz; Ontivero, Cardozo, J. V. Gimenez, U. A. Gimenez; Gerez, Alvarracin; Acuna, Echeverri, Lopez; Ruberto

Japan got the 1-0 win vs. Poland in the other match in the group which now sees Argentina in third place. Argentina play Japan on Tuesday.


  1. The difference in quality was huge. We usually struggle at this age group but still we could hardly get going. The kid who scored both their goals is only 15 and is Real Madrid bound.

  2. Garnacho had a very poor display today. He wasted the best chance of the match. If he doesn’t improve his stats soon he will be sent out on loan to some second tier league. There was no way he would make the national team when Angel Correa couldn’t make it. Meanwhile Loceslo showed some flash of good moments. Spurs with all their injuries and suspensions , he is staying put and will get more mins.

    Martinez Quarta looks to have gone up in pecking order and is now third CB while Pezella should be his CB to close out games but with all his experience, he made a stupid foul and was responsible for the freekick in the world cup against Netherlands where they scored. Licha is out until January but he should make a come back to the national team, he is a fighter. Senesi hasn’t beem starting for his club for last few matches, he is little slow and isn’t playing well.

    Two new young RB and LB in the teams means Scaloni doesn’t think that Montiel Acuna and Tagliafico can be depended for long run. People asking for more young players to be injected, well until Messi and Dimaria are around that is not happening.

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