Nicolás González scores a penalty for Fiorentina in 2-1 win vs. Bologna


Nicolás González scored a penalty for Fiorentina in their 2-1 win vs. Bologna.

González has now made it six goals in the league this season for Fiorentina as he is their top scorer in the league. With the score at 1-1, Fiorentina were awarded a penalty early in the second half and it was the Argentine who took it and scored to give them the 2-1 lead.

The 25 year old has been called up to the Argentina national team for the November World Cup qualifying matches.


  1. With Copa is just 7 months away.. I don’t think scaloni will select new player. Unless somone gets injured, assume 26 players for COPA,
    Armani is 3rd choice and won’t play so no problem
    Pezzela is experienced player but he is slow.
    Acuna / taglafico is good enough till Copa.
    Maffeo is selected let’s see how he performs.
    Lautaro alvarez messi dybala dimaria Nico. ( 6 ) need 1 CF. Enzo,parades,palacious,depual, macA, Guido,locelso will be mid. Garnaho/soule/almada. Any 1 of this 3 player.

  2. Everything is okay with el principe? His twitter/X channel was the best about ARG NT but was suspended again, since then i didnt hear about him, neither on twitter neither here.

    • Yh I have raised this question few weeks back yh his twitter x got suspended I was hoping that he would have comments in here , I hope all is well for him. I liked his passion for cuti Romero , emi martinez and enzo Fernandez to certain degree.

  3. This is not negativity. This is called concern. We have concern about some specific selection. PAPPU has gone. We are THE WORLD CUP WINNER. Players like ARMANI, PEZZELLA even ACUNA(because of his injury)don’t deserve to be here. ARMANI PEZZELLA are not inevitable and they are not getting any younger. OCAMPOS can play at multiple positions and he has physicality. Still SOULE IS far ahead of him as far as form is concerned. VALENTINE BARCO could have been given the chance. Inspite of being injured MONTIEL is in the team. After the WORLD CUP SCALONI got some friendly matches to get his young guns ready. PEZZELLA almost cost us THE WORLD CUP single handedly. He can’t hold the lead even for a while. France and Netherlands matches were prime example of that. We have PEREZ, BALERDI, MEDINA WHO can easily replace PEZZELLA. OCAMPOS has got so many opportunities still he has not been able to hold his place. With age agility goes down. Just before the copa 2021 SCALONI picked up players like DIBU, CUTI, MOLINA, MONTIEL, LICHA. Before THE WORLD CUP SCALONI WAS FORCED TO TAKE 2 new players ENZO AND MAC ALLISTER. He may be a WORLD CUP WINNING COACH but I still believe we won because of our team cohesion rather than his tactics. He is always late in picking up deserving young players. VAMOS ARGENTINA

  4. Ok let’s table the negativity a little bit and look at the facts for a change.

    Dibu is doing well with Villa (apart from that gaffe he had against Forrest)
    Molina is doing well with Atletico.
    Otamendi continues to defy his age with Benfica (although sooner or later he needs to be fazed out for Licha or Medina or Perez or whoever)
    Pezzella is doing well with Betis and I really can’t understand why some of you are calling for him to be dropped. He’s playing well and Betis is doing alright.
    Acuna and Tagliafico are playing well even if their teams are struggling. Still, I’d like V.Barco to get a call up, he’s earned it IMO.

    Depaul, MacAllister, Enzo and Palacios are all playing well for their clubs. Sure, non of them are setting the world on fire but they’re all playing regularly for teams that are doing well or a team like Chelsea, which is improving steadily. And lets not forget about Paredes and Guido who are starters for their clubs.
    The only concern is Celso, who is now a certified benchwarmer and “big Ange” doesn’t seem to trust him at all. He needs to move ASAP.

    Finally the attackers: Julian is now a starter for Man City and has been one of their best players where he – until very recently – has been filling in for Haaland when the Nord has been misfiring.
    Lautaro is one of the best strikers in Europe thus far this season.
    Nico Gonzalez is having his best season in Italy yet with 6 goals.
    Dimaria continues to defy his age and Messi is Messi.

    Heck even the youngers like Soule, Barrenechea, Varela and Almada are stepping it up. Nico Paz is starting to get minutes and Maximo Perrone has started the last 3 matches for La Palmas.
    I just hope Romero and Carboni move on to clubs that will give them playing time.

    So, again, let’s take it easy on the negativity until there is something concrete to be negative about.

  5. Some guys seems to me can’t wait our players to flop Let me remind you de Paul is key player for Atlético
    MacAllister has been good both for Liverpool and Argentina, enzo is top player and definitely will continue to flourish under poch, Alvarez forced his way into the x1 Guardiola’s team plus he scored some beautiful goals as well few good assists, cut Romero will come back stronger but he needs to chill out and stops to be over aggressive.

    • Yes before Scaloneta will kick some uruguayo and brazuca asses. Bielsa already said they will play their usual game against Argentina too wo adaptation LOL it would be ugly, a naive idealist just like Tite with the “brazilian way”.

  6. Long ago our players form for club was great and terrible for national team.. now it’s kind of opposite.. Enzo is paying the price for his price tag… alvarez needs to be the main striker like when he was at river plate.. lataro is great for club but not national.. so it’s a give and take.. let’s not be to worried

  7. Why inter is not supporting lautaro to finish as the most goal scorer in seria A by giving him the PK
    Almost all team their premiere striker and inform player gets the chance here in inter, both is lautaro yet always penalty will be taken by others

  8. Enzo and Alvarez both were underwhelming today. Alvarez is seeing a lot less ball last few matches. He had zero proper chances to shoot at the goal
    Yes he produced a cross that resulted in a Haaland tapin but other than that he is not enjoying the same form he had at the start of the season.

    Enzo is struggling and now with other Chelsea midfielders getting into better form, him with zero goals and zero assist should start to worry about his run of form. He played half the season last year and now 12 matches already and still hasn’t scored in the league and zero assist so far this season. He is unable to capitalize on his great positioning. His shooting and finishing both are going down hill. His shots are soft and wide or high. When Chelsea needed a goal desperately, he was substituted and rightly so! He did nothing the whole match and his team-mates have started to ignore him especially near the goal.

    • Yaa not good sign that alverez and enzo are very important for us, also this is typical Argentine attitude all our players except Goat every one start well and in the mid season always gets form out its the trend in last few seasons

    • Julian Alvarez situation is more concerning he is playing in out of position and with zero goal scoring chance it’s pathetic to watch him now. He’s needs to go back to his main position otherwise it will be bad for him and also Argentina 🇦🇷…

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