Argentina national team players arrive, training on Monday


Argentina national team players have arrived with training on Monday evening.

Lionel Scaloni has most of his players with him as the team will begin training on Monday before Thursday’s World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay. Lionel Messi was the first player to arrive and join the team on Sunday with more players arriving on Monday.

Alexis Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández, Julián Álvarez, Emiliano Martínez and Gonzalo Montiel all arrived on Monday. The remaining players are expected to land on Monday.


  1. Continuing the discussion of player selection, many seem to have a problem with Pezzella.

    Let’s try to analyze why he might be selected:

    – Scaloni, Ayala and Samuel all played as defenders during their career and given that their successfully scouted Molina and Cuti for example, and have a couple of major trophies to back it up, they likely know what they are doing.
    – Pezzella is 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) tall and therefore a threat in the air and an asset when defending set pieces. Remember his recent header vs Australia in a friendly?
    – He has had a decent season with Betis and is a regular starter.
    – Scaloni had previously called up Senesi, Medina, Balerdi and Perez and whatever he has seen from them did not seem amazing or indispensible.
    – Is he occasionally error prone? Yes, but which one of our CBs is flawless?

    • Agree with what you have said. But Otamendi is ageing. The final went into extra time because he became slow. Still he is the best for the first 65 mins. Can’t think Pezella as the future once Otamendi retires. We need to give others half as many chances as Pezella is getting.

    • spot on Enganche. When you have keyboard mangers like the 2018 (Gonzalo and Co), disaster is inevitable. Even then, people had reason to justify the selection of Meza etal. Scaloni is visionary and one of the most underrated coaches. His only weak spot is substitution and/or maintaining the lead against strong teams.

      How many games did Cuti, Emi, Enzo, Alvarez, Molina & Mac need to get integrated and impact outcomes? Perhaps one or two. If the player has undeniable and proven talent Scaloni’s system is always open for integration and impact almost forthwith. Hard to give benefit of doubt to the omitted players who did not capitalize enough on their chances. In best case scenario they will end up like Dybala/ Correa as super subs. Once picked I am optimistic about Soule, though.

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