Lionel Messi speaks on Argentina losing 2-0 vs. Uruguay in the World Cup qualifiers


Lionel Messi spoke about Argentina losing 2-0 vs. Uruguay in the World Cup qualifiers.

Messi and the Argentina national team remain first in the South American World Cup qualifiers with four wins and one loss. Messi spoke to the media about the intensity of the match against Uruguay. Here is what he had to say:

“It’s normal. It is part of these matches, qualifiers. Against Uruguay, it’s always like this. I prefer not to say what I think.

“The young people need to learn respect from the older ones. This clasico is always intense, hard but always with a lot of respect. They have to learn a little bit.

“We had a hard time playing. They are intense. They play one on one, they have physical and fast players in the middle. It was hard for us to find out game.

“We never felt comfortable. We never found a way to have the make and keep it for long possessions. Maybe their game makes us speed up and we get caught up in their rhythm. They are a physical team, that works well and that is very dangerous on the counter attack.

“You can see Bielsa’s hand in the team. They have a good team that plays well. We lost, this could happen. We have to get up and play a good game in Brazil.”


  1. Foreign media focus on loss and Messi’s complaints about lack of respect towards DePaul. That is a bit hypocritical as Dibu was very unrespectful to Mbappe.

  2. This is a wake up call and blessing in disguise. Hopefully Messi will change his approach and game now. Evàerytime he touches the ball opponents double team against him and disposes him. He shouldn’t be holding on to the ball too long, he tries to play too safe to not get injured and loses the ball and also he has lost 50% of his pace. Without his blistering pace, his scoring and dribbling has suffered but he is still an elite playmaker and I was surprised he didn’t drop deep today, especially when our midfield trio were creating zero chances.

    Otamendi is finished, he might get by against weak opponents but when playing against quality opponents he is too slow and can’t keep up. He should take Pezzella’s place on the bench as our main backup CB and LMQ should replace him until Lisandro is back from injury. Otamendi almost cost us the final with two biggest mistake. Scaloni will look for a replacement now. Why was LMQ not on bench? We had only 3 CBs in the sqaud today. And please use Dybala, don’t waste him. When you are lacking creativity you need someone with Xfactor and beside Leo and Dimaria, he is the only one who can create something out of nothing. This loss is a eye opener before the match against Brazil for both Scaloni and our understandably demotivated team.

    • Ya the second goal was messis mistake he was over confidennt not to pass when all his llayers are ahead and high press loosing ball from there is a mistake
      He did the same in wc final which led to a goal when camalviga almost got the ball from messis feet to start counter

      • Also when Messi holds on to the ball too long it sort of freezes the other players. Early in the game he did it and continued throughout the match. I think it comes from trying to do too much. Maybe he wanted create a highlight in the Bombonera. We need quick touches, flow.

    • Midfield and Messi couldn’t provide any service to Alavrez and Lautaro, Icardi would have been even worse today. All our midfielders, MacAllister Enzo and Depaul are going through a poor run of form for their clubs, Messi has played 3 matches in last 2 months prior to today Molina, Tagliafico and Acuna all failed to provide a single complete cross. We had one wide shot on goal from open play the whole match. We were outplayed in every aspect of the game. If they had better finishers we would have been 2 down in the first half.

  3. Just one lose,,
    Now everybody become football managers in this forum . Talking shit about scaloni & co…

    We need to accept today Uruguay played a better game , they got high intensity & gave tough time to our midfielders..
    No problem we can bounce back in next game.. I hope scaloni will come with good plan against Brazil..

    Even Dibu was not in position with his feet between posts today…
    You all guys tease other 9 players ..
    Dibu & Messi become untouchable..
    Same goes to me, Dibu is my favourite GK , second to Neuer

  4. Here is the reality check, there are 2.5 years before 2026. Before some of you rubbish my comment telling me 2026 is far blabla. Some of these players will have to be dropped or replaced at some point.

    Armani – Dropped immediately. He is surplus. No need of 4 goalkeepers
    Pezella – Dropped and replaced
    Ocampos – Dropped and replaced
    Dimaria – replaced after Copa 2024. He will retire
    Depaul- will be 32 come 2026/Benched
    Paredes- will be 32 come 2026/ Benched or dropped
    Tagliafico &Acuna- Both will be past 34- one of them will have to be dropped and the other one benched.
    Otamedi- will be 38 by then/ Dropped and replaced.
    Guido Rodriguez – will be 32 come 2026/ dropped or benched.

    That’s give you a total of 10 players. The earlier Scaloni starts planning ahead the better it is. having said that I am just a mere fan, final decision lies with Scaloni. But I insist again 2026 is not very far. That’s my opinion.

  5. The motivation levels were different, just a simple qualification for us and the biggest match for Uruguay, btw this was still an even match: xG 0,64 vs 0,77.

  6. It’s a good wake-up call for Scaloni, to leave behind the glory of WC, time to evaluate and search for new ideas; can’t compete with a physical and pressing opponent. Time, to bring in and trust young players

  7. Three steps to take this team to another level:

    Step 1: Get wingers who are good at crossings and fast. Garnacho >>> Nico.
    Step 2: Use a true no.9 like Mauro Icardi who is a beast in the air and can score headers
    Step 3: Midfielders should practice and try more long distance shots during the game

    Our front three in 2024:
    Garnacho — Icardi — Messi

  8. Scaloni’s big headaches prior to the Copa America 2024:
    1)Otamendi replacement.
    2)Decide on either Julian or Lautaro. Not an issue in this match but both have gone ice cold for us, not scoring in a year. Neither are comfortable sharing the starting role. They can’t play together.
    3)Reduce Messi’s playing time. No way can he play 90 minutes for the full tournament. All he’s got to do is share minutes with Dybala who can play very well in that role. But Messi doesn’t want to.
    4)Gradually introduce new players like Valentin, Garnacho, Soule as replacements. This one is not difficult.

  9. There is only one reason we lost. No matter what we did today we would have lost anyways….
    We allowed Taylor swift to move our game from elmonumental to bombanera… That is the reason we lost. And I’m being serious. quote me Roy.

  10. Messi played like against Bayern today. Opposition double teamed against him whenever he received ball. With our midfield failing to string three passes together, Messi looked aweful and fullbacks not complete one proper cross the whole match summed up our mediocre performance.

    • Messi was to slow to pass which contributed a bit to our sloppy passing and lack of rhythm. For example, early on Molina was wide, he didn’t pass, did a lot of dribbling and eventually got a shot which the goal keeper easily handled (by the way this was one of the shots on target in open play that you missed). Not a bad play but nowadays he’s better when he passes quickly and pops up for finishes like against Peru than when trying to run against 3-5 defenders.

  11. Criteria should be if you are in form you should play otherwise you have to drop from the team. However certain player getting chances based on reputation. Suppose Nico Gonzalez getting too many minutes, like against peru he should be replaced by garnacho in beginning of the 2nd half. If Argentina don’t intregate young hungry player like Matias Soule, valentin barco, Alan verela as soon as possible it will be disaster for them in the 2026 world cup even in the copa America…

    • That’s ridiculous. 2026 WC is light years away. All the focus is on Copa America 2024. No reason not to play exactly this team which has been the best in the world this year. Otamendi being the glaring exception. Everyone can see that he’s past it.

  12. I don’t understand the infatuation with Otamendi. This motherfucker almost cost us the World Cup. I can do without him and his stupid fucking bowl haircut. He was finished 2 years ago yet Balerdi, Nahuen Perez can’t get a sniff of the team? I don’t care if you are old and playing well, but this guy is absolute shit. If Scaloni thinks these guys that won who aren’t performing deserve a shot to defend their title then he is betraying the country for his players. You are in form, you play, otherwise take a fucking hike. I don’t give a crap who it is. Wake up.

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