Kylian Mbappe talks about Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d’Or


Kylian Mbappe spoke about Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d’Or and in place of him.

Mbappe spoke at a press conference prior to France’s European qualifying match against Gibraltar and he was asked about Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d’Or. Here is what Mbappe had to say:

“No, no, no, no. As I said, I am not someone that is afraid. I have no problem, the ranking is what it is. Messi deserves it. When Messi wins the World Cup, Messi has to win the World Cup. That’s how it works. He’s one of the best players in history, if not the best.

“Haaland and I had a great season… but after winning the World Cup, the other things don’t weigh as much.

“On the night of December 18, I had found out that I lost the World Cup and the Ballon d’Or. Leo deserved it.”


  1. “Ángel Di María on Talks at Google: “I already made that decision. The upcoming Copa América is the latest. They are complicated and difficult decisions to make, but there is a new generation that is coming behind. I know that I could continue being in the National Team, but I would be taking away from the boys who come back and have great potential. “It is the right time to step aside.
    Di maria have spoken like true hero and legend

  2. There are always hasty conclusions. Argentina continues to improve after winning the World Cup. Scaloni’s team repeatedly proved stronger after defeats.

  3. I was looking at something and noticed the France/ Gibraltar score 14/ZERO …….what a JOKE, a pitiful pathetic JOKE …..that’s not real life, it’s FIFA LMAO.
    Thank you Romania and Kosovo before you…….if you know, YOU KNOW.

    Let’s GO ARGENTINA, a slap in the face is good to wake up the senses.

    • To have such huge scorelines, we need Guyana and Surinam to join Conmebol (both are in South America).

      BTW, the 12th goal, Mbappe’s third was a great goal.

        • Ya, Guyana and Surinam would be mid table in Europe. I was in Gibraltar once. The population is 30k lol. In my 40s jogging a 5k in 30 minutes, I could prob walk on to the national team!

          Galapagos, Islas Malvinas, Yanomana and other small tribes could round out the South American zone.

  4. I honestly don’t think we should change anything for match against Brazil. No matter who’s we started or played we would have lost vs Uruguay. Our boys were just not in the groove. Simple and plain. We lost mainly because we had to change from monumental to bombanera . Last second venue change is a cures. Thanks Taylor swift

    • Also I don’t know if you guys noticed that every single second ball was dropping on their feet one way or other. Like so many occasions we cleared the ball it ended up going into them even though we it was 4 against 2. That moment I knew it wasn’t our to win today. Also I’m happy with the defeat. Those boys will keep their feet on ground and more motivation plus more idea

  5. Brazil under their interim coach is shambles right now but they would want to bounce back against a perennial rivals in us at home. Still, if we press like Uruguay did to us, create chances and don’t get exposed for pace, we should be able to get points in that game. Wonder if Scaloni will stick with Otamendi or LMQ would get a nod. If we play with high defensive line any of Brazil’s fast wingers can expose our slowest CB. Our fullbacks and Romero are not slow though so we have to adjust accordingly.

    Diniz’s Brazil is pretty beatable currently, having said that I am not really sure what to expect in Maracana.

    • The loss against Uruguay will certainly force Scaloni and his lieutenants to rethink their strategy. Scaloni damn well knows two back to back loses will put an necessary pressure on him and his squad. However unlike our previous coaches Scaloni knows how to make the the right changes to formation , squad selection and strategy. Against Mexico when we absolutely couldn’t afford a defeat, he made sure we didn’t concede first. He had Guido play as a sweeper and would drop down and position himself between the CBs. Against the Netherlands, he played 3 in the back and went with only two conventional attacking players in Messi and Alvarez and nullified Val Gal’s plan of getting us on counters. Against Croatia , he fielded 4 midfielders to prevent them from controlling the game from the middle. I am sure he will come with a very specific and thought out plan against the Brazilians too but he will not make much changes to the starting xi. He will in my opinion stick with Otamendi, dropping him after one horrendous performance would just mean a pure disrespect to someone who played so damn well during the world cup expect for the two blunders against France and that was too purely due to fatigue and overwhelming amount of emotions. However, he will now slowly phase our some of the old guards to bench and out of the team. As long as we don’t concede first , we should win the next match!

  6. Meanwhile Argentina u23 lost to Japan 5-2. Loosing ball possession in the danger area and defensive mistakes are still a problem for mascherano’s team.

    • OMG Mascherano is shocking., we were leading till 65 minutes what happened after that? Seems Redondo and Nico Paz were completely exposed after their subs in second half, who want these unexperienced guys in NT now is completely IDIOT!!!

      • The only players who seem ready for senior NT trying them seriously: Medina or Nehuen Perez instead of Otamendi or Pezzella, Valentin Barco instead of Acuna (defensively seems not ready, the reason he plays on the midfield) Alan Varela instead of Guido (not better but younger) Equi Fernandez the same (maybe he will be better than Guido, the potential is there) Garnacho and Soule instead of Di Maria and Nico Gonzalez (only after Copa will happen), thats all, the others not talented enough or too young and unexperienced. Copa squads will be only 23 rosters again so even harder to get in. After Copa Scaloni should start the rebuild, 2 years is enough to build a younger team for next WC. (Ota, Pez, Acuna, Montiel? Tag, Guido, Paredes, Di Maria, Lo Celso?, De Paul?, Messi?).

      • Iacovich—Avila Amione Di Cesare Simon— Villagra Alcaraz—Solari Almada Buonanotte—Gondou, seems 4-2-3-1 for me or 4-3-3. Solari and Almada scored, we were leading till Nico Paz sub, Redondo came in earlier in 2nd half. Redondo Villagra Nico Paz midfield collapsed completely and got 4 goals in 25 minutes.

  7. Bielsa with Uruguay is like Fish and Water
    1. Bielsa needs physical players, Uruguay have them
    2. Bielsa needs skillful players, Uruguay also have
    3. Bielsa needs humbled players, Uruguay have stars but mostly not world-class easy to manage
    Don’t underestimate Bielsa in the big stage; he got enough to deliver now. Remember Mancini and Raniery, looser all way long, but then they won EPL, Euro.

    Bielsa was also very unlucky with us, but don’t forget he won Olympics with all wins, and without conceeding a single goal.

    • and don’t forget Uruguay won U20 WC. Their domination of Italy in the final was very impressive. Lots of new talent coming up for The Professor.

  8. Mbappe and Haaland might miss out on more balon d’or trophies as Bellingham is turning out to be a fierce competitor for best player.

  9. Yesterday was the worst game under Scaloni. He shouldn’t feel that his job is secured after winning the WC for us. We have so many great coaches who can replace him, like Bielsa, Gallardo, Martino..

  10. We need to beat Brazil any how. They playing there worst. I hope scaloni open his eyes and start picking player who play good at club.

  11. Vs Brazil ,hopefully can see some changes
    1,Lautaro is useless in national team at this stage ,Just don’t know when was the last time he scored for the team . A striker without a goal for a long time that must somethings happen either form ,ability or others

    2,Alvarez played as no.10 in EPL ,seems missing somethings to be a no.9 .

    I would recommend using Nico Gonzalez as no.9
    Wingers: Di maria
    No.10: Messi
    midfield trio : De Paul Guido Lo celso
    defense : Molina Romero Quarta Acuna

    • Maxi you are an eccentric soul. Replace the best striker in Italy for a Nicolas Gonzalez who has never played striker in his life and is notoriously hesitant in the box? His game is all around build-up.

      Scaloni needs to decide on Julian and Lautaro and go with it. Can’t be rotating them. It ruins a striker’s confidence. The same situation we had with Batistuta/Crespo and Higuain/Aguero.

    • Lautaro and Julian are being rotated as a no9, next match Lautaro will start and Julian will come off the bench. However I have a feeling Scaloni will not drop Otamendi and may be Guido Rodriguez or Palacios as a CDM and drop one of MacAllister or Depaul.

  12. The Golden child came a long way from before Messi joined PSG, a year later and even more after ARG won the WC.
    He might have disliked him prior to his arrival but fell in love like many before him did.
    What’s this rumor about the Boss leaving Inter because not playing enough? I call it BS and social media nonsense.

    • May be but he played a big part in Messi’s short and poor time in Paris. He played so selfishly that in first season Messi would be wide open and never received a pass from him and Hakimi. I really hope Madrid closes a door on him for good!

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