Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martinez or Leandro Paredes could start for Argentina


Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martinez or Leandro Paredes could be starting for Argentina against Brazil.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni could make some changes for Tuesday’s World Cup qualifying match. According to TyC Sports, Ángel Di María could start in place of Nicolás González.

Scaloni could also start Leandro Paredes in place of both Ángel Di María and Nicolás González and start with four midfielders. Up front, Lautaro Martinez could start in place of Julián Álvarez. Here is the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Cuti Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di María or Nicolás González or Leandro Paredes, Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez or Julián Álvarez.


  1. I hope we adapt a pragmatic approach first, not to concede at any cost. If Otamendi plays we cannot be caught again, Raphinha, Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus are all quick. However both Otamendi and Pezzella are good options to have if we sit deep. Crowd the midfield, leave no spaces, play Julian up front to harass their centre-backs. Some kind of 4-4-1-1/4-5-1 with Messi in a free role behind Julian.

    • I will go with same pragmatic aproach as u mentioned👍it is a big game as allways been and even there is no doubt of qualifying🙂Still to get a forexample a draw would not be that bad, though also depends on the performance in over all etc…

      But, anyhow Uruguay will beat Bolivia at home and end up at 13 points so with a draw, well Ok might loss the top spot, but could Stil, end up winning the WCQ’s in the end and as i said qualifying this time will be easy and i hope that it won’t be missleading to something else…as every game must aproached and taken seriously, which i’m sure they also do and hats of to Uruguay as i can see bright future ahead of them coming, though maybe not yet with Bielsa or maybe it will be his time in the future as i can’t remember him really winning as surely he must have won something at least…

      and if there are changes to make, then i think it depends on the the coaching as it is clearly their matter more than others, though everyone is entitled to wish and ask for this and this player either excluded or included etc…

      I see the team missing Licha badly and at some point at least have to try intergrate more fullbacks in to the core as by giving them playing time on the pitch, which either will work or not and if not, then others have to be considered etc…

      But, i dont think now is the time yet to start intergrating that many at all instead those in the team must step up the way or another and therefore i will go for pragmatic approach too

  2. I prefer a 4 man midfield of Paredes, DePaul,Enzo and McAlister/Locelso to control the middle.
    Then Lautaro/Messi and Alvarez upfront to help with the pressing.
    The worst mistake one can do is to undermine Brazil. I remember in 2007 where Brazil B team beat Argentina. The backline should not be changed. Considering likes of Jesus might be back for Brazil, Scaloni must be very careful, Brazil will always be Brazil no matter what.

    • Play with 4 central midfields who cant break lines ? what is the point ? Argentina need a eletric impact players on the field who can help Messi to win meters with the ball. Paredes McAllister De Paul and Enzo are the same type of profil : positional players. With this 4 guys on the field in the same time we will have no créativity except Messi and no plays from the wings.

      • Are you out of your mind? We are blessed with team players and players with different genre especially in midfield. Dont underestimate our gems. Time surely will give them they deserve for their hardwork and passion. Ignore those overrated bellingham and other european puppies.

      • Locelso is also creative. My worry is am sure Brazil won’t play 4 forwards and might opt for a 3 man midfield. On paper Argentina can beat Brazil easily but the pitch things are completely different

  3. These are signs that Scaloni is pressing his panic button. Instead of repeating the same team that played against Uruguay, he is going for changes. Instead, the same team should have been played with a reminder about the name they represent, the history they represent and the glory they represent and demand a more pressing and responsible performance. In the last match everyone other than Cuti Romero and Di Maria played a horrible game. There seemed to be no game plan coming up from Scaloni during half time. We should play the same style against Brazil that Uruguay killed us with. That’s the style successful club teams adopt – a style of blitzkrieg.

  4. Brazil in brazil is always a tough task. Dont forget they beat an inform argentine team with a B team in 2007 copa final. We dominated brazil in the 2018qualifiers(home). But still we couldnt beat them. Yes we beat them in the 2021 final but it was neck to neck. So if we want to dominate brazil and beat them we need ball playing players with mental toughness and control of the ball. Enzo macallister and de paul is enough to dominate them. I prefer julian always ahead of lautaro. I am sure they will come back. They are gems. If in form means they can make messi comfortable and make argentina to cross the line.

  5. 100% for Lautaro. He will break the lean patch soon. I feel Nico has been playing ok. Either start Dimaria or Nico & alternate when the player tires.

    • I pray El Toro gets back to his pre world cup groove. He is still too 5 best strikers in the world for all you haters and keyboard coaches.
      Also in my humble keyboard coach opinion I believe that dimaria should start over Nico and Paredes should start over Enzo F.

      • We need our midfield three. They looks great when in touch. Look the uruguay game is like a wake up call only. Also they came after a gap of one month. They need time to get their rhythm back. I am damn sure that even a midfield trio of iniesta busquets xavi wont save us from uruguay. I am not against paredes. But the fact is even look at those friendlies. Both enzo and macallister didnt play well enough. Its because the same reason. Look when our midfield shines no team in the world will beat us. They are that much great.

      • Yes fully agreed about Toro in top 5⚽️🙌🙂btw🤔how is Lo Celso’s form🤔🙂🤔i think also Paredes should given chance🤔though i’m not aware Of his current playing time with Jose ” the special one”😀🤔also Palacios could maybe start instead Of MAC, though i dont want to start keyboarding too much😀🤔as knowing myself and how rar i would get carried away etc😂🤔as Palacios been very good with under Alonso and Klopp maybe not really used to MAC fully yet🤔perhaps🤔😀🤔also Palacios and Lo Celso too( when fit & in form) been good with defending too🤔at least they were at and hopefully still are😀⚽️would be a killer👍🏻to get first ever WCQ win away from Brazili⚽️🇦🇷⚽️🙌🙂🤔as i will be satisfied with draw too👍🏻🤔if the 🇦🇷Team will proove themselfs🤔hopefully🙏so🙂VAMOS ADM😇🇦🇷😇🙌 Y VAMOS LA ALBICELESTE🇦🇷⚽️🇦🇷🙌

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