Lionel Scaloni holds a press conference before Argentina’s match vs. Brazil


Lionel Scaloni held a press conference before Argentina’s match against Brazil.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference where he commented on who could start against Brazil. Here is what he had to say:

“I have decided on the team but I haven’t told them yet, I’m going to do that first. There is a chance that Di María will be a starter, as there is for the rest of his team mates. The idea is not to make too many changes to the team but there will surely be some changes.

“If there are changes, which there will be some, it won’t be because of performance. Because they have shown me throughout these matches a very even performance. I won’t change because they played a good match or a bad match but to try to hurt the opponent and to prevent the opponent from hurting us. But under no circumstances would we do it for one match, it is not our characteristic and in this case, it is a specific case, it is a decision we will make based on the opponent we face.”

Scaloni also spoke about Lautaro Martínez not scoring with Argentina:

“We have to see how many games have passed because to say “one year without scoring in the national team” is like 15 games. He scored an important penalty goal. I’m not a big fan of statistics, he scores often at his club. Julian also scores often and it is not worrying. He looks good, he is fine. It is a relative statistic. It is evident that he has a goal and it does not worry me. The complicated thing is to decide one or the other.”

He also spoke about the loss against Uruguay:

“We always said we were not unbeatable. It was obvious, beyond the last result. You have to be prepared for that and to continue competing. No one likes to lose and that is clear, we are first ones who want to recover. There are times when even if we lose, the form is important. The team, even though they didn’t play a good match, never stopped looking for their game, they kept trying to equalize.

“I think the team competed and that makes me feel at ease. We have a great match ahead of us, a great opponent that will be tough. We have to keep doing what we have been doing, compete and try to get the three points. There is no other way.

“We analyzed why the loss happened, we have our idea. We are lucky that we have another game coming up and that is the best thing. The hard thing would be to for us to see each other in a while and it would cost much more, now we have a rematch soon and that is the most important thing.”

The coach was also asked about Brazil and their loss against Colombia:

“You have to look at Brazil’s match against Colombia, it is relative to say that they were beaten, they played a good match. With Colombia, they played a good match until minute 76, the result is misleading. Brazil are at a good level, they are a big team, no matter who they have, they have to go out to win, it will not change the momentum of the team. The coach has a way of playing, he will not change it. You never know if it’s a good or bad moment, it’s Brazil and we know what we have to face.”


  1. I think at this age level we have great talented attackers. If GIANLUCA PRESSTIANNY had been there it would have been great. Why he is not playing for ARGENTINA. I had a feeling that since he was not picked up SCALONI might called him up. Even after MESSI era we have great potential attackers. It remains to be seen how both teams take on Brazil in both occasions. Can you guys tell me why PRESSTIANNY is not with the team for the WORLD CUP? VAMOS ARGENTINA

  2. Comfortable win against Venezuela with big margin 5-0, Ruberto scored a penalty and another one. Yes, some potential youths are shining; Echeverri, Acuna, Lopez, Ruberto, Subiabre, Gerez, Laplace. Good job by Diego Placente.

    • The first and fifth ones are the best IMHO. The panenka did not look very cool. Lopez takes a huge amount of load like Alvarez. But Echeverri seems to be bit less engaged to the team than the others. Hope someday he proves me wrong.

  3. Argentina U-17 is leading 3-0 in halftime against Venezuela in the 16 round. A decent play and take control of the game. Goal by Balbo (OG), Lopez and Cladio Etceverri. If win next match will be against Brazil in QF.

  4. Argentina completely outplaying Venezuela and leading by 3 goals against them at halftime. Claudio echeverri and ian subrare are making their opponents look like school kids lol. Many of these players would eventually graduate to the senior team quickly.

  5. Scaloni need to play locelso in.mid. He is a really classy plymkr than other midfldrs in his team. Playing locelso makes messi free from midfld job.
    Depaul locelso Enzo could be better than previous lineup..

    • McAllister > Enzo

      Mc works harder, defends better and is as good passing, etc.

      If we are going to play them as our #5 pivot McAllister is best in that position.

  6. I’m glad he clearly stated that some changes will happen, hopefully he picks right.
    I love the black shorts and socks and of course the Albiceleste. NOTHING is easy and they proved they could overcome adversity in COPA and the WC

    • We didn’t lose to a team like Saudi this time, all due respect to them, but that was a huge upset. They made a holiday of that win against Argentina.
      This time we lost against Uruguay a world power in the game of futbol, especially now with their new generation with a new coach. They r Looking to be a tremendous team for these next tournaments, MARK my Words.!
      Now we are going to the home of arguably the top three greatest soccer nation of all time. Nothing is easy as you said.
      We will definitely qualify for WC with the new rules so honestly I am not concerned as much with a loss here and there, I more concerned about how this team will look when the time comes for Copa and the wc

  7. The last match was a very needed wakeup call just before the match against our arch rivals Brazil. They might be going through a rough patch but when playing against Argentina each of their player will give 110%. Scaloni has always been a defense first coach and hopefully he will prepare for Brazilian forwards and their counters , which is why there was rumor of playing 4 midfielders to control the match.

    • Does the team have enough hunger left after the World Cup win to turn around after the humiliating defeat in the hands of Uruguay? After Saudi Arabia we met Mexico, which was not the greatest team in the tournament. But now we are facing an all time great team which anyday would give more than 100% against Argentina and, specifically, at Maracana. Jesus is back too. He would be extremely eager to prove himself afresh. I think giving a chance to someone who has not tasted the World Cup glory but who wants to have similar career milestone would be important for Scaloni. But I am not sure if Scaloni has any other plan apart from a Messi-centric one. Yes, even in recent times we won without Messi. But that was against Bolivia.

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