Leandro Paredes and Marcos Acuña with chances to start for Argentina


Leandro Paredes and Marcos Acuña both have chances to start for Argentina.

Paredes and Marcos Acuña could be starting for a midfielder and Nicolas Tagliafico. According to Gastón Edul, Leandro Paredes has a chance to be in the starting eleven in place of another midfielder.

Nicolás Tagliafico started the 2-0 loss against Uruguay and he could be rested in place of Marcos Acuña who also has a chance to start.


  1. This team need revolution,alot of players must leave Argentina team,such otamendi,montiel,parades,dimaria,,depaul,tagliafico,acuna,and young players shoud enter team

    • Yes, desperaded call’s from Europe for any possible link available as FIFA+ not showing any of Conmebol games neither those aklready played nor/ most importantly ARG’s WCQ game at Maracana vs Brazil…?

  2. How does Paredes improve the midfield compared to any other starters? Not trying to be negative, genuinely curious. With Acuña at least one can argue for better crosses and attacking thrust.

    • Good question indeed as maybe this due his recent form with Roma, though haven’t seen any Roma games for some time now…so don’t know exactly about his form either as just remembering someone on Mundo mentioning this etc…anyhow if he starts either the coaching must think of his form vs others form or maybe they have set up a plan where they see him more suitable to play compared to other possible starters…

      I kind of wish for Palacios, but maybe it will be Paredes also due that he played and started ( if i remember correctly) in that famous/ LEGENDARY Copa victory from last time when Arg🇦🇷faced Brazil at Maracana and also i think Acuna started also back then etc…

      So maybe they want to build on this too at some way even time has passed and this time Maracana will be sold out too…though, in my oppinion everyone starting should alkways be mostly fit and also in good form too & expressing themselfs during the training due to the match etc…

      Hard to tell in the end as i quess the coaching are the only one’s who could really provide the proper answer if they willing to do so, well i don’t think so/ i’m not teally fully sure about it…, though i hope🙏 so…

      as those who will start might be explained afterwords why they opted for this and that and also talk more about the game and perhaps the gameplan too specially if they end up with good performance from the team, but if not,…

      well, then, i’m not fully sure, though i might be wrong etc…,

      but, if i forexample would be the coach and would i give out exact/ correct data why i choosed this and that etc…no i don’t think that i would do so as if i would be the coach etc..

      as Yes some questions obviously thrown i would have to answer, but in kind of non Direct way etc…, though i hope the coaching of ARG 🇦🇷would not choose as i would😃

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