Leandro Paredes comments on Argentina win vs. Brazil, Lionel Scaloni, Argentina fans


Leandro Paredes commented on Argentina’s win vs. Brazil, Lionel Scaloni possibly stepping down as coach and the fight involving the Brazilian police and the Argentina fans.

Paredes was brought on as a substitute for Argentina against Brazil and the Argentine spoke to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say:

“We have to play it down. We have to see what the coach thinks, we will surely talk about it when the time comes but we are happy for what we have achieved. We made history again, let’s enjoy it.

“We think about ourselves. We don’t care about our opponents, we think about ourselves and I think we did things well.

“Beyond the result against Uruguay, I think we got up in the best way, as we always did, winning in Brazil and making history again. We really enjoyed everything that has happened with the people, it was to give them an answer, our support by winning in Brazil.”

He was also asked about Lionel Scaloni’s comments of him possibly resigning as coach of the Argentina national team:

“We didn’t talk to Scaloni. We are aware he’s the head of the group, let’s hope he stays there, that he makes the decision to stay because he is very important. He will have his reasons but we are more than grateful. Let’s hope he changes his mind and stays with us.”

The Argentine was asked about the Brazilian police attacking the Argentina fans:

“Unfortunately, what happens outside is transferred onto the pitch and it is not good for that to happen.”


  1. Big big day for the future Argentine football tomorrow. I just want them to beat brazil u17 and show those Europeans who since last 10-15 years always want brazil teen talents especially Real Madrid who runs after every kid in brazil and ignore our talents
    Cmon boys show the world what we have got 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Placente has done a good job, as his team have rallied behind him after starting with a defeat. They move the ball around well. Individually, I think this team has some good players but no one exceptional. Endrick played against these boys a year ago but now he played against our NT. Kendry Paez was the star of the u17 Sudamericano but now he is a starter and star player for their NT. 16 year old Yamine Lamal is not in this tournament but already with their NT. 16 year old German Pridigy and Frosinone star kid Ibrahimovic was not released by the club given his importance to his team. Last week France gave debut to 17 year old PSG star Emery. Big teams integrating younger players to their senior team on a regular basis. Argentina don’t have that luxury. Gone are the days when we saw teenagers Aimar, Saviola, Ghallardo, Riquelme, Higuain and Messi play for the senior team. When was the last time we saw a teenager make his debut for our NT??

        • Spon on!!!! I cant even remember who was the last teen who played for US, i dont think its a issue with talent its more to do with the thought processes of sectors and coaches most of the time they wait as players are young young echveri cant even find a place in River plate is the biggest surprise and evidence of that if echveri and nico paz where in any other countries them they will already in seniod squad
          Look how brazil pushing Enderson to the greatness and giving him confidence as “you are a step above others work hard and earn legendary stats”
          We need that mentality in selectors coachs

      • ”Endrick played against these boys a year ago but now he played against our NT. Kendry Paez was the star of the u17 Sudamericano but now he is a starter and star player for their NT”

        So, how well does Brazil with its teens perform in the WC qualifiers?

  2. Brazilian FA, government and police are the most dumb and unhinged people! Families with kids were in the stadium to watch the match and without even caring about monthers and their kids they started beating the Argentine fans with stick. FIFA and CONMEBOL should fine Brazilian FA an deduct 5 points for Brazil and ban their home supporters from their stadiums for next few games to teach them a lesson! Empty stadium and with their team sitting at the bottom of the table will bring sense into Brazilian government and their imbecile police force.

    • Plus scaloni got tired of playing friendlies in China, Indonesia and small nations. he wants to play high level European nations in march next year there are so many different reports coming out but I think he will continue to be our manager probably he wants more control.

    • Well, if true it makes sense. Scaloni probably sick of dysfunctional and corrupt AFA. Maybe has an offer with a Saudi club like Gallardo. After all, he must be one of the most famous managers in the world at the moment.

    • probably few issues WC prize money and as Godin11 points out, friendlies are not meeting Scalonis standard for team growth and readiness.

      I really hope he doesn’t go to SA…its understandable but he should capitalize and focus on career growth at a club in Europe.

    • AFA is the enemy of Argentine Football. It has always been. As I had said in the other thread, the trophy money has all been looted by the greedy fat old men of AFA. They are disgusting.

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