Nicolás Otamendi speaks on Lionel Scaloni possibly stepping down as Argentina coach


Nicolás Otamendi spoke about Lionel Scaloni possible stepping down as coach of the Argentina national team.

Otamendi scored for Argentina in their 1-0 win vs. Brazil and coach Lionel Scaloni announced at a press conference after the match that he could be leaving as coach of Argentina. Otamendi spoke to TyC Sports after the match about Scaloni’s comments:

“We have to talk about it. Words are now superfluous, I think we have to talk about it personally and obviously communicate with him. We received the information and well, we will try to talk about it and see what happens.

“There were a lot of guys who had not entered the locker room. He usually gives a talk when we are all inside but there were some who were doing the doping test. Fideo (Ángel Di María) was doping, Leo (Messi) was undergoing treatment, so we were not all together. But afterwards, we will surely have a conversation.”


  1. The team as is constructed won’t win in 2026 or maybe not in 2024 in Copa. I was defending these older players but now I see I am wrong. He has to decide whether to be loyal to the players that have won everything for him or be loyal to the country because some aren’t good enough to play at that level. He knows this. About 10 players are past their prime, and that Messi performance yesterday was disgraceful. The guy could barely walk and refused to come off the pitch. That just can’t happen. As much as I love Messi we played 10 vs 11 most of the match and that is the wrong message to send. Selfish shit like that destroys teams, and Scaloni knows this.

      • Live in the past, and it’ll be another 35 years before we win shit. His time is done. As I said, i have great respect for him. Yes, I know he was injured. That’s the worst part, he wasn’t willing to see that even injured he was not helping us. This is not about his past accomplishments, only about yesterday.

        • Another proof you only have 1/8 functioning brain.

          I live in present where Messi is 35 year old in 2022 and putting 10 goals contribution and lifted the trophy followed by another 8 goals in 2023.

          • Hi rattlehead,
            Maybe I should call you a dickless fuckhead. Stay behind your computer in your mamas basement you chicken shit fuck. Because if you want to make it personal it’s easy for me to see what a cunt you are. If you want to talk football that’s fine, but if you want to hurl personal insults, I can hurl them with the best of them you pussy bitch. Maybe you can suck Leo’s dick too. It’s Argentina, not Messi. He wasn’t the first, he won’t be the last, educate yourself you dumb fucking potato

    • For your information Messi was struggling with injury. I doubt if he will push to play for Argentina in 2026. He is aware age has caught up with him.
      However Lionel Messi should be the least of our concerns. Otamedi, Dimaria, Pezella,Acuna, Tagliafico will be past 35/36. That’s a big problem there. Plus Ocampos, Dybala, Guido and Probably Paredes won’t be useful for the NT being past 32. Idea of 4 GK must be completely discarded. Inclusion of Armani always signals a very wrong message.
      Only DePaul would be effective for the team among those above 30.

      That gives a total of 11 players that need replacement (should Messi call it a day). That’s not straight forward easy. Change may be painful but it’s necessary.
      The decision by Scaloni to pursue different course is strange but his decisions ought to be respected.

    • With all due respects, I agreed with this sentiment. Leo should have left the pitch after the first half.
      I think many of the past prime players will step down after Copa 2024. We have 2 years to prepare for 2026 and can only hope on some late blossoms.

          • The only problem here is that you are a dickless cuck. Maybe if you spent more time watching the fact that he was so fucking selfish he wouldn’t even come off the field injured the game would have been much easier. But perhaps you were getting turned on by that trainer rubbing Leo’s groin wishing it was your hand and mouth there instead of the trainers you dumb fuck.

    • Our midfield and full backs hardly created any chances from open play. Not just yesterday but against Uruguay too. Alvarez didn’t recive one single pass in the box. Motivation and determination are lacking in our team due to winning everything! Time to phase out elders and inject young blood in.

  2. Let the man leave in peace.. he has done his job and has given argentina fans around the world immense joy.. he had luck on his side no doubt.. but the way argentina played in that world cup wasn’t luck.. they gave everything… scaloni did everything possible.. so if he steps down…. thank u for everything LIONEL SCALONI!!!!!!!

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