Ángel Di María announces retirement from Argentina team after Copa America


Ángel Di María has announced that he will retire from the Argentina national team after the Copa America.

Di María posted on his Instagram thanking that he will be retiring from Argentina after the 2024 Copa America in the United States. The 35 year old first played for Argentina in September 2008 and has since gone on to win the World Cup, the Copa America and the Finalissima.

Scoring in all three finals, Di María also scored in the 2008 Olympic final where Argentina won gold. He was also part of the 2007 U20 World Cup team which won the World Cup. He has played 136 matches for Argentina, scoring 29 goals.


  1. 😢😭😢😢
    My favorite player Fideo. Out of my dozens of jerseys he is the only payer I have named on the back of one other than maradona and milito. Yes I am also a big milito fan btw.
    But dimaria has a passion and heart that he carries into the field that is hard to find in a player that has such skill. This is truly the end of an era

  2. Echeverri is poised to become our standout player soon. After this wc top European clubs would require at least 50 million to buy him from River, given that no one in this World Cup seems to match his talent. It’s worth noting his exceptional performance since the age of 10. With promising talents like him, Messi can retire in peace in a couple of years, knowing that the future of the team is in good hands.

  3. A great week for Albiceleste, with the win at Maracana and another win by 3-0. Here comes the semifinal next match against Germany. Superb play by the team especially the hattrick hero. Unfortunately, Lopez will missed the next match

  4. The brazlian frauds are getting exposed on every level. For the past 10 years or so, their league and agents have been able to fool the Europeans and making money off of the over-hyped talents but this is ending now. Look at V.Junior, he was deemed to be better than Neymar but once Neymar and Benzema are gone, he doesn’t look like a player you can build a team around. He has pace and dribbles okay but his finishing and final pass will make you question why people rate him so high. Rodrigo, other than his fluke goals in the Champions league last year when Madrid won, has done nothing and is the reason why Madrid are struggling at the front. Rafinha and Martnelli are just average wingers , only because they are Brazilians they were able to get themselves into big clubs. Gabrilel Jesus is an average sticker along with Richarlison. Their defense is spear headed by Marquinios, I have watched 2 full season of this man and I am shocked PSG hasn’t yet figured out he is one of the major reason behind their failure! Casemiro and Neymar are a the end of their career and with the lack of talent in Brazil, they are up for a long dry spell of failure in international matches!!

  5. This team is solid all over, it can dribble, defend, hold the ball, pass around without issues..and the Brazilians are nothing special, if they are, I certainly didn’t see it.

  6. Ok, let’s get down to business, ARGENTINA youth Vs Brazil’s. I haven’t watched any of their games or know any of the players except one and only by name. The game is at 7AM and I’ll be up with my coffee ready to cheer the Albiceleste.
    BTW, I honestly can’t get over the fact that the WC was going on as we speak last year and the TENSE Mexico game was coming up……until Messi scored and then ENZO doubled

  7. This over-rated over hyped Rodrigo is talking to much $hit. It might be his last season at Madrid as useless overhyped players don’t last long there, especially with Mbappe arriving next year. Apparently this imbecile told Messi ‘ we know how you won the WC’. This fool forgot how CONMEBOL gave Brazil the 2020 Copa? Every time Brazil doesn’t get help from FiFA they crash out. Now they have reached a point where their team is full of overrated and over hyped players. There is noone one the horizon to take over from Neymar. Their midfield and defense is abysmal and Rodrigo and Jesus as their striker they can’t even beat a Columbian team . Brazil wont win anything for another 4 years min with their mediocre talent. And the way they fouled us last game, in a world cup they would have 3 to 4 red cards. They need to be deducted 5 points for physically abusing away fans and their home supporters need to banned from their stadiums for next 3 games.

    • The CLOWN, who looks like one without the makeup dare speaks to Messi like he did but hey jealousy does CRAZY things to people and by GOD, ARGENTINA winning the WC and Messi playing like he did TORE pieces of the haters hearts and brains LOL.

      Man, FIFA ain’t gonna do shit about the incident, poetic justice for that BULLSHIT game cancelation in the last WCQ and what did FIFA do, fine ARG…..what a joke but hey, the Albiceleste had the last laugh 😉

  8. My best Argentina lineup after Maradona era.

    Formation: 4231


    • Different profile, we need garnacho profile of player wo can spread the game and provide width in the attack playing soule is the like playing another attacking midfielder which we already have many better options locelso, maca, nico paz, messi .

  9. With dimaria going I think messi and senior player will also took decision. If we won Copa 2024 it’s good. If we loose. I think messi and senior player will also start leaving . Because they will young player atleast 2 years before world Cup

  10. Di Maria has now legendary status.
    It feels strange that he has played his last WC qualifier.

    … and probably a few others too.

  11. My all time Argentina XI used to have Riquelme in it but not Fideo. Not anymore, he is forever in the Argentina Hall of Fame. Thanks for everything Fideo!

    4-2-3-1: Dibu; Zanetti, Pasarella, Samuel, Sorin; Mascherano, Redondo; Messi, Maradona, Di Maria; Batistuta.

    *Fillol was great but we’ve seen extremely crucial saves from Dibu in recent times so he gets the nod for me…

    • My Best x1 based My time

      ————– ‘Dibu

      Zanatti—— Romero———- ayala — sorin

      De Paul——- mascherano—-aimar

      Di maria ——- batistusta —– messi

    • In all fairness to Roman, he could have won WC aswell if wasnt Pekerhead took him out early and went defemsive mode. He already assisted a goal to put us 1-0 ahead.

      • Yes Pekerhead, the guy that was the architect of such great players like DiMaria, Tevez, Aguero, and our golden era of attacking players.
        You have got to be the dumbest motherfucker on this board you gutless, dickless cuck. Every time you type anything the collective IQ of anybody seeing your posts drop. Why don’t you go jerk off your daddy’s cock instead of littering this board with your bullshit you brainless potato

          • Yes, and even so, this toddler has fifty times more brains than you do you dumb mother fucker. What’s wrong you can’t take the personal attacks because that tiny pebble of shit you call your brain can’t compute fast enough? You pussy cuck, go suck your daddy’s cock. You chicken shit pussy. The internet is great for cowards like you because you’d be laid out on the floor in real life if you addressed people the way you do here. You cum sucking cuck.

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