Claudio Echeverri scores a hattrick for Argentina U17 vs. Brazil at the World Cup


Claudio Echeverri scored a hattrick for Argetnina U17 vs. Brazil in the quarter finals of the World Cup.

Echeverri stole the show scoring three goals for Argentina in their 3-0 win vs. Brazil. Echeverri received the ball and ran towards the Brazilian goal, releasing an effort which took a deflection and chipped the goalkeeper to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

The 17 year old would score his second goal in the second half. He would dribble beyond Brazilian players and score from a difficult angle.

Argentina would have a foot in the semi finals with Echeverri’s third goal. He would be played one on one against the Brazilian goalkeeper and Echeverri would dribble him the way Claudio Caniggia did in 1990 against Brazil and Echeverri would score his third goal of the match.

Diego Placente’s team will play Germany on Tuesday in the semi finals.


  1. The LAST TIME Argentina and Brazil faced each other.

    • In the World Cup:
    ✅ 🇦🇷 Argentina 1-0 Brazil 🇧🇷 (1990).

    • In the U-20 World Cup:
    ✅ 🇦🇷 Argentina 2-1 Brazil 🇧🇷 (2005)

    • In Olympic Games:
    ✅ 🇦🇷 Argentina 3-0 Brazil 🇧🇷 (2008)

    • In the Copa América:
    ✅ 🇦🇷 Argentina 1-0 Brazil 🇧🇷 (2021)

    • In Qualifiers:
    ✅ 🇦🇷 Argentina 1-0 Brazil 🇧🇷 (2023)

    • In the U-17 World Cup:
    ✅ 🇦🇷 Argentina 3-0 Brazil 🇧🇷 (2023)

    • MacAllister and Enzo are having even worse match! Especially MacAllister was playing too close to the defense and not being a natural defender he is getting beat often and produced nothing in offense. Enzo as usual is making good passes here and there but again final pass or shot is not making any impact. Alvarez had one great opportunity from Doku pass but he shot it too high. His corners were testing liverpool but that was it. He is out of form and playing out of position is not going to help his cause.

  2. River plate Board must alert Martin Demechlics about Claudio Echeberri involvement in River plate main team otherwise he has to leave Riverplate. Despite good showing in a continuous basis Demechlics ignoring Claudio Echeberri many times. During the qualifications phase of U-17 world cup Claudio Echeberri was one of the best player of the tournament along with ecuaderian player Kenedy Perez who given constant playing opportunity at their club and also he debuted in the Ecuador national team. However Demechlics constantly ignoring not only Claudio Echeberri but also other young players in River plate team.
    What about your throught about Martin Demechlics regarding opportunity given to younger players in River plate 1st team ?

    • very true he is not giving a chance to young players instead buying very old players like Pity Martinez, lanzini, Matias Kranavitter and Nacho Fernandez. he is not giving a chance to young players until reverting to a full back Simon was not playing Uruguayan youth player Sebastian Bosselli is not playing is u 20 world cup winner

    • River plate working just fine and Martin s job in club is outstanding. He make us forget Gallardo so so fast. Unexpected fast. To accuse River plate for not promote young players is just the joke of the century. River plate have goals to achieve. We are not schoolyard. When the correct time comes Echeverri and every Echeverri will enter in pitch to play.

    • An investigation? It was obvious that those cunts attacked Argentina fans without even taking into consideration that there were people with their families at the stunts!
      I don’t know, i am getting suspicious about this, i hope i am wrong though.
      Brazil is getting kicked in their sorry ass everytime they meet Argentina and when those pathetic filthy frauds getting slaped in their face footballwise by us, they try start their filthy, dirty politics!!
      I hope fifa carries out the investigation fairly as it is supposed to be!

      • my friend it is not the first time that we have issues with Brasilian police. we have passed so many things there in past. I have so many stories to tell about “hospitality” in Brasil. Just the differense was this time was about the national teams and a game that all the world was interested. what happening there in every club game that happened an Argentine team visit there only Argentines know. Unfortunately nobody cares or interested because media attention in rest of the world was not there. if you ask an Argentine fan of any club not just River plate fan like me he will say to you the same things about the “hospitality” in Brasil.

  3. Most U17 world cup champions
    1. Nigeria -5titles
    2. Brazil – 4 titles
    3. Ghana -2titles
    4. Mexico -2titles

    Argentina have never reached final of U17 competitions; only won bronze medal three times. It’s time for Echeverri and co. to make history, unfortunately, Santiago Lopez will be dearly missed in the semifinals clash.

  4. Interesting that we have lost 5/5 semi finals in U17 World Cups earlier, but won 6/6 in U20 World Cup semi finals, 4/4 in Olympics semi finals and 5/5 in WC semi finals. Weird.

    Imo Germany U17 is way weaker than Brazil, they were just lucky against Spain who dominated them with 70%+ possession, 5X more shoots and a lot of big chances, but a penalty and luck saved them.

  5. Wow wow this is what i dreamed always to trash the likes of brazil and Germany in a big margine in big matchs 🔥🔥🔥
    Thanks you to that 11boys who all deserve equal praise they played like team thats how this possible

  6. Claudio Echeverri is huge talent yet again River plate are producing serious talent 👏 I wonder how many River plate players are in this u17 Argentina squad

  7. You can tell Echeverri is class because among other things he scored the second goal from a difficult, tight angle. Although if I had to nitpick, he might be over reliant on his dominant foot, the third goal when he dribbled pass the goalkeeper, it was easier to tap in with his left but he went with his stronger foot. Still, only 17 and has loads of potential. One of many prodigy attacking mids the Argentine conveyor belt has produced over the years.

  8. Dominant display…Echeberri exceptional…Ian subiare what a player…
    Future argentine defender Giminez…whenever there is ball in the air he is there… the way team played….

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