Julián Álvarez scores for Manchester City in 3-2 win vs. RB Leipzig


Julián Álvarez scored for Manchester City in their 3-2 win vs. RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

Álvarez was brought on as a substitute for Manchester City and would show his worth. With the score at 2-2, the ball fell to Álvarez inside the penalty area and the Argentine controlled the ball and scored from close range to give City the 3-2 lead.


  1. Velez have agreed on 8 million deal for Prestianni and would move to Benfica in January.
    Buononotte will move on loan to Mexico after a disastrous time at Brighton.
    Tottenham have send Veliz to their reserve team and will spend the rest of the season there as the coach feels he is not yet ready for the top level.

    • I agree Haaland seems to be a very nice and focused person. However, the credit should also go to Pep too for creating such bonding. The same way Scaloni created the team bonding. Ten Hag, Pochettino et al fail to do that. But my question is what has happened to Alvarez after the WC victory? Why doesn’t he play at the same level for our national team any more? What a shameful performance against a pressing Uruguay!

      • The problem isnt actually Julian and Lautaro… if you notice , Enzo and Alexis hasnt been performing at same level as last season at club level. Their bad club form started to affect their national team performance. Against Brazil and Uruguay, neither Julian or Lautaro getting any meaningful service from the midfielders. How many clear chances do our midfielders created for our forwards in last few games? its absolutely minimal. Luckily Lo Celso stepped up and played well against Brazil. I hope he stays injury free , Dybala aswell. Those two seems to get injured all the time.

        Another problem is our winger also lack creativity because Nico is very limited. The only thing he offers is tireless running but he’d always run into blind alley everytime he reach the final third. You look at Alvarez goal at City, he’s being put on a plate by his teammate. Lautaro scored after a cutback pass from Thuram. Messi also scored twice against Peru from a cutback pass. However, Peru and Bolivia are much weaker oppositions than Uruguay and Brazil as they both sit at bottom two of the table.

        Scaloni is avoiding having Messi and Angelito at the same time because of their age. You need at least 9 players who can keeps running for at least 80 minutes. Messi surely aint doing that. This is why Scaloni needs to integrate the likes of Soule, Garnacho & Barco as soon as possible so we could have more threats from the wing. Having Nico and Tagliafico on that left side is redundant at this point.

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